Is TERA Worth Playing in 2021? -

Is TERA Worth Playing in 2021?

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Is the TERA MMORPG Worth Playing in 2021?
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TERA is an MMORPG that will always hold a special place in my heart. This is the MMORPG that brought Mrs Stix and I together, and as such – regardless of how bad it gets, I’ll always come back if only to relive the experience that allowed for me to meet the person that made my life, and this channel as a whole, complete.

TERA is an MMORPG unlike any other. Yes, there are other action MMOs out there. Yes, there are better looking MMOs out there. Yes, there are MMOs with better narratives (TERA’s is honestly very hard to follow as it’s an incoherent mess.) There are generally better MMOs out there that could satiate every need you have from one. But TERA offers their own unique spin on the genre that no other game does, and its combination of engaging gameplay, its unique graphical style, its world and every facet of the game make for an experience you won’t get to have anywhere else. Yes, it definitely has its flaws. Yes, there are aspects of the game that are probably considered pay to win. But this is an MMO that is still definitely worth trying in 2021 if you haven’t already.

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  1. I don’t want my friends to see me playing this game.

  2. At 12:56 that's not ping issue you have there, you just did the mechanic wrong you don't have to jump over the lasers you have to just jump till you much the colour of your bubble with the laser that's coming and walk through it. your ping was totally fine. Also the bug is n sinestral Manor with the disappearing npc is normal on all versions not on gameforges and you have to mess up after clown to trigger it it's pretty avoidable and you can always reset dungeons in character menu on dundeon tab ->reset dungeon if you come across in such bugs instead on typing commands.

  3. I loved TERA. Spent two summers playing. But- I can barely play now. The game is so laggy. The quality died…

  4. I've seen some people talking about how En Masse is making a new company and a new game. I'm excited

  5. What about the name calling what do I do with that like I can’t do anything with the name being in my way like huh 😒

  6. I played Tera in 2014-2015 and lost interest. In 2020 I was bored so I downloaded it and hoped on. My guild was completely dead the last message from an officer was from 6 months before I got on saying "Hey anyone still play this? Msg me if you do!"

  7. When I first started playing Tera (literally back when Island of the Dawn was the nooby zone) it was like this magnificent beast.
    In the time between my leaving and coming back, somebody killed that beast, gutted it and then stuffed it.
    All that's left is the taxidermized remains.

  8. you got thrown back because your colors didn't match the laser….u know that right? …

  9. The laser problem wasn't due to lag. You didn't understand how it functions. You are supposed to have the same color shield as the laser that is in front of you. You swap the color by jumping, you can't actually jump over the lasers

  10. Out of all the mmos on console.. I find myself playing neverwinter still. I tried blessed, tera, bdo, eso and neverwinter to me felt the most suitable.

  11. I am coming back to the game, and I found out my account was deleted. and is gameforge is now the publisher. I am so sad right now that I have to start over again.

  12. I played Tera on console when I was in college

  13. As somebody who started like 2 days ago, the game is well paced. As soon as i got tired of the regular mount, i got a basic flying mount. The scenery is good, and the abilities are satasfying enough to fight with. I recommend the game as a new player. The tutorial is fast enough to start 3 characters at a time. Leveling is fast enough not to get tidious. I like it

  14. Gender lock sucks, and they redused the party members to only 3 in dungeons is not worth playing this game anymore.

  15. Tera is a game that has almost consistently gotten worse after it went f2p, which granted wasn't the fault of the game going f2p but instead because it lost all of it's veteran staff and roughly half of it's total staff after the fallout of the NCSoft lawsuit against Bluehole.
    It makes me wonder what could have become of the game if it's original visionaries had been able to stick around. 2013 Tera during the Queen of Argon patch was some of the most fun that I've experienced in a video game and I still consider Nightmare Shandra Manaya to be the best encounter that I've ever seen in any game – period.
    Perhabs one day when the current MMO titans have faded and the mobile MMO trend in south korea fizzles out we might see some actual progress in the genre again.
    It doesn't take much because MMOs have barely changed a thing over the past decade. Merely reaching the levels of action combat that we see even in indie singleplayer ARPGs would be a huge leap for the genre, that's how far behind "modern" MMORPGs are.

  16. lol the laser video you don't know the gimmicks huh… when you jump the color of your shield changes and the shield must match the laser's color or you get hit no matter what…

  17. Why can’t I have an ESO world/questing and lore with Terra’s combat😔

  18. I'm from north Terra long time ago and didnt finnish playing it yet, so mybe it's time to play again on Gameforge.

  19. I would play if they did a vanilla tera.

    Atm is 95% loli characters, cars and dumb stuff. Inflated Ilvl req and mish mashed story.

    Old school tera was great

  20. I think they should give more information while creating a character. I started playing the game 4 days ago and I literally created and deleted 2 characters and then finally got satisfied with the third one.

  21. I'm thinking of coming back to it. I deleted the game about 2 years ago because there weren't any players

  22. I just started playing it my character is a cat

  23. Started Tera from steam (gameforge version) on Velik NA server and I found out that the fastest way to level is by dungeons. So I've queued the first two dungeons and can't find a party even after half an hour to an hour of waiting while I do story quests. Kinda sucks that new players like me have to go through that :/

  24. I just have one question, is Tera worth playing more then Black Desert? Cause I’m about to quit Black Desert, due to it’s annoying amount of grinding and it’s none rewarded pay to win system.

  25. Teras story and somewhat p2w features are all beat out by its combat system tbh, fighting things in this game is so fun to me and most of the flaws in this game are thrown out the window from the combat alone

  26. I like this game and I still play it. My favorite class is mystic and I play solo while following the story.

  27. Next time focus on the game not your gf you meet and just talk about the pvp and pve and looting systems instead of talking about pointless shit also talk about the leveling system

  28. I still Play it even though I lost my Enmasse account ver… started over and still like it

  29. Does the game get harder? I'm at around level 30 constantly 2-shot every enemy.

  30. I'm afraid of putting time and money into a game that seems like its dying. I'm still on xbox for right now, and MMO choices are pretty slim. I've played them all. And I really loved Tera when I originally tried it out, put the population numbers are really low right now and I'm worried about it being dropped.

  31. i've chosen bdo to start mmorpg in this year because the graphic was good.. but its too lag for ps4, its not playable for boss raid or something..
    is tera performance better then bdo on ps4???

  32. Got back into tera, lost my old account from the enmasse merge so restarted on eu tera, i am thoroughly enjoying myself

  33. dude you are in NA and playing on EU server. IT IS NORMAL THAT YOU HAVE LAG because of 100+ ms. The servers are hosted in EU /Germany so you have always lag if you play from NA… its not a BUG its LATENCY and depends where you live …

  34. Elin get everything cuz they're the only reason anyone played this dog game OMEGALUL

  35. I simp for my Armani men and Castanics. Also the giants, aka Baraka, are more like a grandpa to me . Miss them

  36. If it's not worth playing without it, then it's not worth playing at all.

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