HOW TO: Remodel your Ugly Armor! :D [Tera Online] -

HOW TO: Remodel your Ugly Armor! :D [Tera Online]

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  1. They remove that feature….NPC isnt there anymore!

  2. Why the hell did they removed it 😐 for God sake … : It was one of the best ideeas in Tera… 

  3. your in server mount tyrannas 
    but ur lvl42 O.o quit? 
    started the game last week i main a slayer as well i made 10k gold under 2 weeks

  4. How come that npc is not there anymore? Just the dye merchant

  5. Yep they removed it like the idiots that they are, just like they're adding race specific classes, they seem to like making stupid decisions.

  6. Why did they remove it ? 🙁 My armor looks like s**t Why that NPC is not there anymore? ;n;

  7. anyone know how to do it after they removed the remodeler….  man, to me this is very very poor game design, Rule number one. Never remove longstanding features that players have gotten used to. en masse spokespeople will tell you that the remodeler conflicted with future plans… then change your damn future plans.

  8. Ya know what, DC universe online was awesome for 1 reason. You unlocked the style of any new armor you got so you could always customize how you look. Get an upgrade in armor but it doesnt look as rad? Well change the style back to B4 and you keep the stats. Tera would be the greatest game in existence if they did that

  9. Is it still possible to wear Trade Broker items, for exampl like you did: Try it on to see how it looks?

  10. "I've got an idea! Let's removed a well-working, simple, much-beloved system, and replace it with an expensive, convoluted, time-consuming one that completely fucks over about three-fourths of the players! It's GENIUS!!!"

  11. it all begun when they created mmorpg that doesnt support helmet slot with stats… I mean i like the game but how can i play a fantasy mmorpg with no epic horned helmets? and you give me what? some tiaras? really?

  12. OMG.  This is awesome. like most people had no idea, not even my bestest friend knew.   Gonna surprise her by looking uber cute now.

  13. Perfect. Told me something I never knew existed in Velika.

  14. Oh my what the shit?! They removed this system?!

  15. the shop is there. shop keeper….not so much

  16. i paused the video at 2:00 to find an armor that i liked, spending a LOT of gold and like 1 hour of seeking, and as i press playyou tell me i can press ctrl+right click T_T

  17. u were too hot for that npc that it got deleted

  18. Mannnn, I'm about to rage quit. I have Strikeforce armor that you can't buy with Fashion Coupons and I think my mystic looks sexy as fk, plus NOBODY wears it, yet I cannot have that because this is now an outdated method. Thanks for the video!


  20. Super help full i want to do my own style now i know how to do thx

  21. Why is it that every MMO like this the woman look like they're going on a dinner date?

  22. I don't know if you're still even playing Tera. But I wanted to thank you as both my misses and I were running into exactly what you described. Like yourself I had no idea this was here. Even though I originally started playing back when the Isle of Dawn  was a starter zone. I guess you learn something new everyday. Again my thanks and, have a fine one.

  23. Omfg i play it thats why i looked it up and your so fucking beautiful <3 I'm totally subscribing

  24. Wonderful how this woman isn’t there on ps4 like i literally have an armor that LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER but because my pc has to be dead i can’t fucking change this ugly ass armor 😭

  25. Hey us there a way to do this in 2018? Had a gunner and lierally dumped her because 9f how ugly it looks with her new armor

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