How to Install TERA Online (a free to play MMORPG) and First Steps -

How to Install TERA Online (a free to play MMORPG) and First Steps

Pavlin Simeonov
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TERA EU is now on Steam, so you can install it from there too. You will need less time if you go for this option. I made this video to show you how to normally install the game without third party software trouble-free. See my Launcher Issues guide if you run into any trouble.

This is not a gameplay kind of video. You’ll discover what TERA is like on your own later on. Feel free to watch some of my dungeon or battleground videos as well.

I’ve been playing TERA since free-to-play release (in Feb 2013) if this is any indication of whether the game is still worth playing today.

– How to install TERA EU (with and without Gameforge Live);
Edit (23rd March 2017): They have finally removed GF Live from the official installation link (without telling us, as usual). This is the link to the ‘new’ installer: (click Download, as the direct URL keeps changing).
First, whatever is GF Live anyway? It’s a piece of software which combines all titles being published by Gameforge.
Official website: – create an account here and download the official installer;
TERA EU launcher files from 1st Dec 2017 (44 MB):
– all launcher files in a separate archive; can be used for older download repairs, as well as when switching from Steam to normal launcher.

– Common launcher issues
See my launcher errors video (with a section for Steam players) – ()

– Where to play:
TERA EU has 7 servers – Killian is formally ‘PvP’ (person versus person), Mystel is formally ‘PvE’ (person versus environment) and so is Sikander (new), Seren is ‘French’ and so is Amarun (new), and Yurian is ‘German’ and so is Saleron (new);
– BuddyUp – check this link for reference: ().
– How to make gold (you can search for a gold making guide but things keep changing, so consider your sources):
For one thing, you can do solo activities to get untradable materials to enchant your gear, so you can sell your tradable mats and items to make gold (including crafted enchanting materials, etchings and related mats, gemstones, production points potions) etc. Even 3-star dungeons give 600 gold per run.
– Buy a CD key – from g2a, mmoga or wherever you normally shop;
– Gear:
Everything, including best-in-slot items can be free; get an entry level set (currently (Dec 2017), that’s Guardian and you get it free upon reaching L65) and start gathering mats to enchant it, then upgrade it, then enchant that and further upgrade it (it will be harder to get into random parties with lower quality gear + lack of experience). You can’t skip sets anymore unless you have a lot of spare gold to buy a tradable best-in-slot item. Currently, gear progression goes like this: Guardian (to +6) into Twistshard (to +9) into Frostmetal (to +9) into Stormcry (to +9, best-in-slot). Item XP defines your minimum success chance. Jewellery is also obtained via upgrading.
– PvP:
Open-world GvG is available only on Killian. The so called Guild War takes place every Sunday early evening for up to 2 hours in the Civil Unrest area (an optimised copy of Velika Outskirts) on every server;
There are a few battlegrounds in TERA, including Champions’ Skyring (aka Arena) – a 3v3 battleground where individual skill often matters the most, Fraywind Canyon and Gridiron – both 15 vs 15, Corsairs’ Stronghold – 20 vs 20. See here for power hour times:

– PvE:
You could get to max level (L65) in 3 days as a new player.
– Guilds:
Joining a guild has mostly positive sides – more people to socialise with, to form parties with, to seek advice and get help, as well as friendly people to offer support to. There are also stat boosts guilds provide the higher their level (more crit rate, HP, movement speed etc).
Reset times –
L65 rookie’s guide –

– Questions time and final thoughts:
No room to write more and this isn’t an advanced guide or anything. Rather a welcome to TERA sort of greeting. So feel free to ask a question or leave a comment/suggestion below.

I play mostly on Mystel (the PvE server). Sunflare(s), Sunflair, Sunflarin(e), Sunnysboy. Maybe I’ll see you in-game. ^_^

Welcome to TERA! o/

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Thank you!


  1. This is a GODSEND. I downloaded the old game client and installed it. worked PERFECTLY. screw you gameforge.

  2. Ever since I watched this tutorial, I have lost 50kg in a week and became a beautiful saltsicle. Thank you Sir Sun for making this great guide on how to become a mystel player and turning my pc into a heater in the cold swedish winter!

  3. Great video mate!
    How is the population on the servers these days? Who is most populated, hows the PvP in overall etc.
    I used to play AION for 6 years, but FAILForge destroyed it, so I'm quite concerned if I should start TERA or not.
    Any info/advise will be appreciate it!

    Cheers Pavka!

  4. not that i need to know how to install. but good job nevertheless

  5. hey great vid
    but im downloading via torrent should i download all the files or setup only ?

  6. Hello,
    what should I do if i want to play in dualbox TERA (EU) and i play tera via steam.

  7. i downloaded the tera eu version for like 35gigs after it finished downloading the game sayed i don't have enough space so cleard some space and opend the luancher again, but now it started to download the damn thing from the beggining, i can't downloading again cos i have limited connection. Any way to fix this ?

  8. i am having a problem that when i sign in fro the launcher after writtin down my email and password it says user authentication failed. all help appreciated

  9. Hey! i downloaded from utorrent, i installed it from the setup once the download it was over. Now i opened the game and the launcher started to downloading and parching, what its downloading and parching ? I already downloaded the whole game, the 31.8gb from torrent… so wtf

  10. for some reason it takes forever on utorrent i cant download the steam ver. cuz im at another region someone plz help

  11. guys, why i can't register ? what country should i have to use for this game ? please reply back Thnx

  12. I get the error "Trying to repair patch group that is still active", any idea why it won't let me repair the game? :/

  13. so i have tera from steam butt
    i want to login with another acc is that possible?
    and when im done with that acc can i go back to my steam acc?

  14. i live in ukraine when i want to do an account it tells me it s not availble in your region and when i download it from steam i got the NA verssion but i want EU

  15. Been stuck in log in page … It won't fucking open at all… I try to log in and it says gives maintenance notification… Help me

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