How to Find & Host Shiny Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet -

How to Find & Host Shiny Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Austin John Plays
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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new mechanic of Tera Raid Dens gives you a slim chance to find a Shiny Tera Raid. Here is How to Find & Host Shiny Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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  1. My biggest question after watching this video…..HOW THE ALL LIVING F**K DID YOU GET LOCAL COMMUNICATIONS TO WORK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Hey Austin – does the change of date/time also work on the special raids? e.g. the special Eevee raids that were a few days ago?
    I didn't get a chance to participate as my shipment was super late – got the game 2 days ago :/

  3. Austin sure doing a Kronk in the beginning.
    How many times you wanna say tera raid battle?
    Austin: Yes

  4. I screenshot my progress at the end of the day until I complete the Pokedex. On day 3 it said I battles 2 shinies but I only noticed and caught 1. Know I know how I missed a shiny 😭

  5. I now have 100% confirmation from Austin John plays to play with myself

  6. Shout out to the Zelda background tunes🤪

  7. Bro are they TRYING to cause more shiny fails? What they making up for the shiny influx from legends arceus or something? And the shiny odds being worse that natural?!? What on earth is this bs?!?

  8. i only got one shiny in my play through and it was in a raid 😂 its was creluedge. my shiny luck and rng in this game sucks

  9. Austin John told me to play with myself 😮

  10. Very casual watcher here for Pokemon info. It would have been really helpful if you had mentioned in the description what song you used. It took me a while to track it down. Thanks for the video, cheers

  11. Can the IVs be different everytime ypu catch the same pokemon from the same raid?

  12. Spent an hour today mystery trading Charmanders. Hopefully made someone's day lol

  13. Not going to lie I switched my date to the exact time of yours but it didn’t work

  14. I found a shiny combee in a raid completely randomly, however sadly it was a male

  15. Why is he promoting things like this? Devaluing shiny Pokémon. Alright!

  16. Love Austin using Pokémon to explain time travel. It’s great.

  17. I was doing random tera raids offline when I opened an oricorio raid and I saw it was a shiny(it was the red form,so its pretty to notice its shiny)

  18. Its cuz u moved multiple hours. One day in pokemon is 60mins. U skiped multiple days

  19. I love this channel I also love the Zelda music in the background

  20. I found a shiny mimikyuu in a 5 star Tera raid den while trying to unlock 6 stars, I didn’t notice that it was shiny until after I caught it 😅

  21. Sadly I can’t do it or I would, but someone should make Austin as a Pokémon character (classic art) or He should just become a trainer in the show that has allllll the knowledge 😂

  22. Got myself a random shiny Dragapault through a 4 star raid and was super shocked

  23. My first shiny in violet was a pawniard. Got him in a luxury ball and he was found with the adamant nature 😎. My best shiny find ever. I love this shiny kingambit.

  24. GET TO THE POINT!!!! Why is this 15min???

  25. First shiny from Tera den was magickarp 😅

  26. I found the functionality online raiding awesome, very rarely you will run into a troll who runs healing wish and is literally there to ruin the raid. Easily spotted though, just don't smash A to start the raid when people join instead wait for them to ready their Pokémon and if it's ok by your standards you can start the raid or if it's a troll just disband and re invite.

  27. Every time i find a shiny raid i start griefing 😂

  28. I think I have 100% encountered a shiny Pokémon in a raid and not noticed it. My profile says I've battled 1 shiny Pokémon, and I've definitely not found one in the wild. The fact they don't bling bling in the raid is so annoying.

  29. I found a shiny gengar raid and I caught it but I didn’t know it was shiny until I checked my profile and it said I had 1 more shiny than I thought I had and I check and saw it was shiny

  30. I found a full odds shiny toxel in my game today!

  31. My first shiny in this game was in a raid and it was a buizel… did not realize until like 3 days later 😅 the good part is that it was the first raid I decided to host, just to check it out, so three random people got it too 🙂

  32. I was doing 5 Star Tera Raids for the first time, so I joined one and it ended up being a shiny. It was too strong for me to challenge alone so I lost it and was very upset.

  33. I got my first shiny of the game in a random tera den! Didn’t know how crazy lucky that was until after I had caught it and moved on.

  34. My first shiny raid was fomantis

  35. It would be good if there was a site or live chat where ppl could host/join raids with codes

  36. It's funny the host did that.
    On sword and shield I used to get screwed on online play as the host. Never got it but on my gfs she got it every time.

  37. I always play with myself all the time, I sure wish I had another switch though

  38. Everything about shinies is a lot harder to see in this game. I wish there were sparkles in the overworld like in Arceus 🙁

  39. pinned update comment: have a nice day 🙂

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