How To Farm Tera for Beginners in DMO - Digimon Masters Online Tera Farming Guide! -

How To Farm Tera for Beginners in DMO – Digimon Masters Online Tera Farming Guide!

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this is my beginner’s guide for farming tera in dmo, if you have any questions leave them down in the comments!
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  1. Thank you for That video can you help to get bms and mc because i need as Deck Buffs ?

  2. Would love a mid game guide, love a video of you showing your digis, daily routine etc

  3. Gotta get that mid guide and end game guide please 🙏

  4. Just picked up the game again and have been having trouble with farming tera to fuel my dorumon hatching addiction. Thanks for the guide!

  5. Thanks Just go back into it about a week ago needed this

  6. Myo tour then spend time for xticket farming ,back to myo tour when the timer is close.

    But, myo tour itemprice nowadays is dropped and hard to sell,so focus on xticket is better

  7. just spend your money and you can get it tera from this game #p2w

  8. After watching Digimon Con, Digimon video games are so dead and have no future…

    We're gonna be forced to play DMO and DSR for the next 15 years to come.

    At least Pokemon Is getting good?…..
    Life is pain…..

  9. How Prevalent is Botting in this game in 2022? I remember when I played in 2015 if you didn't bot you weren't playing the game right.

  10. Hey man I’m in levimon server and my tamer is lvl 56 and digimon is 92 but you said to go to omegaman server should I move or Just stay

  11. I stuck all the time in loading screen and have problems to join the server, you have any ideas? The Support doesn't help me …

  12. Good videos! How about minato tour? to sell EOE and devimon seals? I only need to hit the raids just once to get random stuff

  13. How did you get rid of your starter? I cant seem to delete it.

  14. Also, how do these things result in Tera? How do you sell things?

  15. with them getting rid of some x-digimon i wonder how the xticket market is going to be now

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