How is TERA Doing on PS4? - TERA Online -

How is TERA Doing on PS4? – TERA Online

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A small video going over how populated, healthy, well TERA is doing on the PlayStation 4. Using the trophy system (and factoring in the bugged trophies) I go over how the MMORPG is doing and the percentage of people obtaining then and the drop as we go through the list.

Yes its not a very accurate way of seeing how active the game is doing but other than hand counting all the max level playing in the game, its the closes thing to actual statistics we can get and review.


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#TERA, formerly known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is a free-to-play action-based massively #multiplayer online #roleplaying game (#MMORPG) developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse Entertainment.

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  1. Though you can hit like level 12 instantly by skipping the tutorial, so not a good example for the level 10 trophy lolol

  2. My ps4 currently says that the lvl 65 achievement is down it 5.4% which i find sad because i have moved 5 characters up to 65.

  3. Great video.  I loved that statistics were used instead of gut feeling or whatever.  But don't discount that lower numbers at higher levels might also be due to more casual players spending less time on the game but still intended to make it to lvl 50+ eventually.  It doesn't necessarily mean they stopped playing before reaching lvl 50+

  4. Very sad to here. This is my favorite MMORPG on ps4 today. I love the combat and the dungeons. I'm glad they are doing a server merge. Ready to do a lot more end game content

  5. Yes, I understand what you are saying in all this, but the player pool is in the 100s of thousands.

  6. Today I made a Elin for the ninja class. My original account is lv 14

  7. How do you use all the skills? There are so many of them and there are only a small amount of buttons to use them with .O.

  8. Tera will be one of the best game again in the future 👍🏼

  9. "grueling"? to level in tera? >_> the game basically levels your character for you o.o I suppose there's a lot of casuals out there, and games like this aren't for them

  10. Id really like to be constant with this game but it doesnt give me the tools to keep playing it.

    – It takes a lot of your HHD. 80 gigas now
    – It doesnt give you many glamour options during your grinding. I'm stuck with the basi armors they give you at certain levels. It is kinda boring, specially if you play games like FF XIV in your PS4.
    – Getting to lvl 65 to start farming those fashion tickets is very tedious. Takes you forever.
    – You have to buy freaking tickets to move around in the world, or go to cities were you can rent that stupid unicorn is again, tedious.
    – The world and its cities are confusing.
    – The main story is generic, souless and boring.

    Seriously. I've been wanting to play this game for 5 years. When I knew it was avaliable on PS4 enterely free I was like, GREEEAT, but then I played it for one month, a couple of months and it pains me to realize how tedious and confusiing it is. Now I know why is F2P.

    Still, I will give it another shot later. I stopped playing it at lvl 50. The moment I realized how impossible it was for me to farm for those fashion coupons at that lvl.

  11. I started this on the 4th of July played a lot that day and the 5th than stopped playing than I eventually got my friends into it and we hav been playing the lok dungeon for 5 or more hours straight

  12. Ah, yes. Elin, the only selling point of the game nowadays, is turning people off. Good point 😀

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