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HD E3 TERA Online Trailer 2011

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As promised, OnRPG covers 2011’s E3. As part of our day 1 coverage, we’ve managed to get an interview with TERA online. While the video gets processed by our editing team, please enjoy this HD quality trailer straight from 2011’s E3.

Please stayed tune as we WAY more stuff coming!

Please check out our interview with producer Chris Hager on TERA specifics that we’ve collected during our 2011’s E3 coverage at

Hey guys, we have a confirmed release date for Tera Online:


  1. If you think that TERA is most innovative MMO, Look at Age of Wushu (Age of Wulin) and tell me what you think ?

    Because I Think that Age of Wushu is Really Innovative in all kinds, with no bullshit like Zombie Farmers or Oversized Bosses.

    Because I played TERA – it is good looking MMO but with Time it Just Became Boring, It Just same as others but More Professional and Non-Standard, even if play on Max Settings and go to every dunge. in game. TERA have potential but it still not good enough.

  2. Tera online f2p: fap to play 😀

  3. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar says:

    can you tell me whats uniqure about the game you mentioned? sounds interesting.

  4. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar says:

    A Fantastic Game, But Why Monthly? Should Have Learned From Guild Wars 2…

  5. 1) Kung-Fu instead of magic.

    2) No limitations to weapons that you can use. Or you can use only Your FISTS.

    3) No standard leveling. You need to level up your skills which you learned and internal force.

    4) Study new moves (running on water, running on walls, jumping horizontally for 10 meters etc.)

    6) Top Graphics and visuals, especially all kinds of plants and flowers (on my RadeOn 1Gb Looks just BadAss).

    7) Top Physics of Characters.

    8) Innovations in basically all aspects of the game.

  6. you're probaly pritty stupid aren't you. never think about the world or about your life. i hope you will get a pritty bad life. and i say that not knowing you. it's like you want people to hate you. and i have a quesstion is this realy you oppinion or did you just watch some vids on the internet. good bye for now i hope to get a answer

  7. it's not free i believe 12.50 euros per mohnt, but yes it's worth it do it's pretty difficult sometimes

  8. i bought it and played it for a while but i thoutg tera was more epic (sorry for bad englisch i'm dutch and dislectic)

  9. i also did matirial arts for 5 years and this doesnt look like it at all, people often think matirial arts techniques as ''techniques'' like move your arm like this and than move like this(you get what i mean right) that isn't it at all it's al about shifting your wheigth and doing and training that for days long.

  10. no my friend commeted whit my profile -_-, and i totaly agree that it is just an case of opinion

  11. If you want to get a head start before that, you can play now with Discovery Account (that's what I am doing). There are restrictions like can only lvl up to 28, only 2 char slots and can't talk in some chat channels and other things. But once its fully f2p sometime in Feb, your account will be merged into standard and all restrictions removed. I have a 12 Lancer so far on pve server "Tempest Reach." Awsome game! I did the beta long ago and had a blast too!

  12. You believe that the restriction like lvl up to 28 will for always?

  13. No. the restrictions will be removed once it goes fully f2p in Feb

  14. You already have no level up restrictions, just the normal ones.
    And yes, as someone said, they will be removed in mid February ^^

  15. Hi guys, um, i have a question, is this digital version with free stuff worth to buy it or is not?

  16. Wow wannabe game? You're in no position to come with that statement.. Now gtfo and enjoy your meaningless life.

  17. Combat system is different you ignorant fatty!

  18. dude it is not even close to wow it has 1 faction and the play style is extremely different, not only that but its graphics kick wows ass AND the designers took the time to make every move look different unlike wow where u have basic attack and special attack..

  19. WoW Wannabe you say? No, Comparing World of Warcraft to Tera is like comparing an ant to a freaking black widow. Tera is a WHOLE lot better. Has so many more features, a bad ass character creation and alot better graphics.

  20. Why do i keep watching the trailer even tho ive been playing the game for 3 months

  21. Is there a way to lay down or rest to get your health back up while you have a campfire going?

  22. Trailer based on gameplay not cinematics = LOVE.

  23. Wow isn't about 12345 you bafool…
    It's about smart keybinds and macros and about 3s coordination and exploiting mistakes from your enemies not like this metin based game where you just block 90% time and use 2-3 spells.
    Btw most classes in wow have more than 80 spells, which , if you want to use your class to the highest potential you must use all of them.
    Nice try dumbo didn't work!

  24. To be fair, i played it like that.

    Then again, i was a noob

  25. Really?
    I play wow like that and I got 2200 mmr
    I also play tera but when some1 says it's more challenging I'm freaking out really.
    In terra I play a slayer and use 5-6 spells.
    I wow I play a rogue and use at least 50.

  26. In other words: Something no-life nerds love to do. Right? Right?

  27. Idk.
    You should tell me what nerds do , you're the expert^^.Also I used the word smart not very known to you apperantly.

  28. Smart as in ugly geeks with just an interest for games? Nope, that's not own to me 😉 It's so funny when a geek who is a nobody in real talks big on the internet, that's all they can do xD

  29. what a cool game, I heard pretty good reviews about this

  30. Tempest Reach Guild Shinobis Oath recruiting. ^_^

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