GMV - Forsaken 「 Tera Online 」 -Special for Contest-

GMV – Forsaken 「 Tera Online 」 -Special for Contest-

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Aca los detalles:

GMV – Forsaken

Song♪: Within Temptation – Forsaken
Game♦: Tera Online
Programs used►: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 /// Photoshop CS3
Editor→ xSikrox (Sik)

Este video lo hice especialmente para el concurso de Tera 😀 Ojalá gane xD

Now the day has come
We are forsaken this time

We lived our lives
In our paradise
As Gods we shaped the world around
No borderlines
We stayed behind
No boundaries is something fragile

Well we thought we were gaining
We turned back the time
It still slips away
Our time has run out
Our future has died
There’s no more escape

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There’s no time any more

Now the day has come,
The day has come


  1. wow kedo genia 😀
    mucha suerte espero ke ganes xD

  2. desgraciado muere muere muere <.<
    te envidio ;O;
    esta muy genial :DD
    y emww si hubiera visto los lytrics antes cantaria xwx
    solo me acuerdo asklfklasdadkljasd DIED!!
    *w* chao~

  3. Sugoi ! Es genial, espero que ganes 🙂 Mucha suerte

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