Gamescom Coverage : WTF is Tera Online? -

Gamescom Coverage : WTF is Tera Online?

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Totalbiscuit takes a look at Tera Online ; an action MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment & Bluehole Studio.

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  1. Kind of games sooner… ty my friend *Darkslayer* for showing me all these awesome games 😀

  2. Didn't even know this game existed till I got the free week trial email, looks great gunna try an angry demented beaver dog lol.

  3. This game is sinking like a stone in North America from what I can tell.

  4. So u can do a skill while jumping ..woohooo … for me nothing that rly matters … still i wanna see u jump high with a freaking great sword a slash like a mofo around …not even possible .. on the other hand its all fantasy and its a game … the thing that made me buy Tera is that i can actualy see the content … not just pvp like in GW since i haven't seen any pve dungeon so far … and ye i'm a pve guy

  5. I was more talking about the skills that send you or your enemy flying into the air.

  6. mmmmmmmmmmm halibut you sooo delicioussssssss mmmm

  7. Mabe I will play it when the sup fee will disapear maby

  8. TERA is going free-to-play in february! 🙂

  9. The video should be titled "Doctor Who plays TERA"

  10. Currently playing Guild Wars 2, but endgame got fairly boring, or maybe I just played it too much. Is this game worth the purchase? Know its going F2P, but is there alot of players playing on a daily basis? Do you get grp's fast, how is the gear and leveling? Etc etc, anyone know about site (Not the Tera homepage….) or a video that I can check out that covers these questions…Thanks :]

  11. Tera is good to begin with but once you've hit max level there's very little to do.

  12. CANT WAIT FOR IT TO BE F2P… Ohh my god nerd-Gasm X3
    I'm playing free week just to warm up but here is a fast advice, If you want fast combat action don't take Lancer, he is pretty much a turtle that sits there

  13. You should do another episode of this game now that it went F2P. it would be really cool to see whats changed for you.

  14. after playing guild wars 2 did i start to hate most mmo games for having auto lock and camping plus the INSANE ammount of abileties that suck

  15. I've watched high level gameplay. I'm not even trying to bash the game with bias but I've played this and I've played RaiderZ. The thing Tera had going for it was the graphics but I maxed everything out immediately since I got the NVIDIA geforce gtx 680M and it's nothing special. Well to me. The gameplay isn't "Vindictus" or even "Dragon Nest" fast when I compare the speeds since the games are both action styled MMOs.

  16. RaiderZ having being less graphics card intensive, being able to have the same style of gameplay in nearly the same type of open-world, RaiderZ was actually more fun. Tera was alright but it's still slower-paced and overhyped like WoW because if you so much as say one bad thing about it, the fanboys will start flaming.

  17. I do know what I'm talking about because I've played both games thoroughly. Try replying to my comment when actually do shit like research and play both games instead trying to take 29 words to call me a liar.

  18. dude i played GW2 and loved it at first. but all the little amount of skills plus them being attached to weapons make the game get so repetitive and boring after a while dude in my opinion. got my thief to max and then just got bored i have to use same set i cant mix and match my skills except utility

  19. I played Tera and RaiderZ extensively and raiderZ is the most imbalanced unfinished games I've ever played with such limited items absolutely no organization that game had so much potential and failed

  20. looks pretty cool in comparison to a lot of mmos

  21. its free now i think he should do another video about it just kinda a recap vid

  22. the best thing about english people trying to speak German suddenly as someone who is actually German is, you don't even realize it, thinking they are just telling rubbish

  23. TotalBiscuits version of the cutscene is so much better than whatever its was supposed to be

  24. You called sorcerer monk

    I hate you forever

  25. The fact that I can wtf is (insert almost any game) and still get TB’s opinions is awesome. You live on threw your work TB Rest In Peace.

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