Every Tera Eevee! Tera Raid Spotlight Event *OVER* | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - teraonline.be

Every Tera Eevee! Tera Raid Spotlight Event *OVER* | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet spotlight event Nov 24th-Nov 27th Every Tera Eevee

Official Playlist of Tera Raid Battle Spotlight Events:

Official Playlist of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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  1. I'm just catching all the Eevee, don't know if I'm evolving them or not. Eevee BOX!

  2. 3:39 wrt flareon being one of the best fire type physical attackers:
    i know he's a version exclusive so scarlet players are gonna need a friend or decent luck on the trade code, but ceruledge is an amazing fire type attacker for raids, his bitter blade (90bp physical fire type move that heals 1/2 the damage you deal) just keeps you alive forever, especially in tera raids where you're doing a very large amount of damage to something with a massive health pool, soloing a four star basically just gives me a max potion every time i use the move until the shield comes up, at which point it heals 2/3 of my missing HP.

    max attack, high def/sp.def ceruledge (investing in defense instead of hp because i want a smaller health pool that's harder to whittle, so i can heal more)

  3. I just wonder how you do all of this, I got the game 18 November and it is making me crazy.. I am hooked to it and play too much.. How can you find time to make the video's and play the game and work it all out, I am really asking this to myself.. You are not only doing this with 1 game, how do you live a life and do all of that.. When did you start the game? I have 290 pokemon now and 1 lvl 100 pokemon (starter is 96) and I found 4 shiny pokemon.. I play both games, the second I did just 2 gyms now.. My son and I have both the duopack and the youngest only wanted Violet and now he played trough the game he feels sorry he did not choose the duopack too..
    I am 50 years old and my brain is not so fast as the boys.. But I love to play games and build lego..

  4. If your thinking about getting into competitive this game, this is a great event to get your hands on some HA Eevees with different terra types since its so expensive to change terra types ingame.
    Sylveon with Pixilate especially seems to be good right now since its HA increases normal type moves like hyper voices damageand also into a fairy type move giving it STAB and throat spray further increases its damage.

    I've also seen it run terra fire with terra blast so it doesn't get walled by steel types since the moves you run are terra blast, hyper voice, quick attack and protect.

  5. Got a Shiny Fighting Eevee from one of mine. Didn’t even realize it was shiny until we beat it, the Crystal glow and no sparkle before hand made me think it was just a regular Eevee

  6. Is there changes on the item drop rate? I check serebii and it does not match on what was on the video

  7. Pixelate Fairy Sylveon for the upcoming charizard raid

  8. for a example flarion with bug terra type with flash fire to fight some ghost fire 5-6 star pokemon or every pokemon with a similar abillity like flash fire to counter some terra raids

  9. Sylveon with its hidden ability will probably be nice in raids too

  10. I'm currently working on a flying Jolteon, so I can cover its weekness

  11. Thanks for the video dude I had no idea this was going on and would love to get myself some cool eevees.

  12. Thoughts on Dachsbun with well baked body as an option for Charizard?

  13. Just spent like 9 hours over the last day and a half since this video came out collecting 9 of each tera type Eevee.

  14. Not sure if I missed him saying this but is there a higher chance of getting a shiny Eevee on this event? Got one on my first try and didn’t even know this event was a thing until I watched this video.

  15. I love collecting so I went crazy and caught myself all 18 Tera types for Eevee. Will probably just sit in my box for a while till I decide to do my living Dex. My boxes are gonna be crazy for some time

  16. I have successfully obtained a 5-Star for each type of Eevee. It took a while and I found no Fighting-types at all until near the end, but my collection is complete. I put them all in Premier Balls.

  17. Hear me out: Steel Tera Sylveon. It resists and negates BOTH of fairy's weaknesses. It works kinda like a get out of jail free card against poison types.

  18. As someone who struggles with normal 5-star raids (inb4 git gud), this event is letting me get some 5-star rewards through easy battles (easy with one other person, anyway), since Eevee isn't fully evolved. I appreciate that.

  19. Yup, grabbed a steel type Eevee that I’m working on turning into a Sylveon!

  20. Does anyone know if this spotlight boosts shiny odds?

  21. Fire, Ice, and Flying switch ins are all getting punished when my Leafeon teras into a Rock type. So stoked.

  22. Hey John, do you have any tips to get INTO raids? I keep constantly getting “You can’t Join” messages after long “communicating” loading.

    In SwSh, there was a way to cheese entering into raids by setting up a league card trade then refresing the stamp feed then cancelling the trade when finding a desired stamp and spamming A to quickly join.

    I’m wondering if theres any trick like that to ensure we can always join whatever stamps are given to us.

  23. I can not find a rock type terra type in any dens online and off line its the last one I need to have them all

  24. Hey Austin can you make a video about the placed Tera Pokémon? I’d really like to see that

  25. Does anyone want to trade some female eevee Tera types for males. I have a lot of males and I’m looking for females.

  26. Does this event just make eevee spawn in raids more commonly then it does plus give it different tera types? I know it's possible for a normal eevee to spawn in a raid but does this make it more common?

  27. My whole house legit stopped grabbing Eevee we got so many 🤣 knowing wild eeveelutions have their type as tera frees up the raid ones for exciting combos. Grass tera Jolteon

  28. The first one i did literally got a shiny with dark tera type

  29. Bruh whos at end game already to fight 5 star eevees.

  30. I had no idea this event was even happening and now I’m too late for it

  31. I am still getting different terra type eevees

  32. One of the best Eevees I got was Normal Tera with hidden ability. Made it become a Sylveon (with Hidden ability Pixelate) with Normal Tera. Modest Nature. It’s a beast if you think about it

  33. If you don't connect to the internet again, can you keep doing this for more than 3 days?

  34. Theory Crafting what new Pokemon would be good for Tera Raid battles has been so much fun!

  35. By disconnecting from the internet and rewinding the system clock to Nov 25th, I've still been able to get eevee raids. I don't know if saving the game with a system clock of Nov 28th permanently locks you out, as I've been rewinding the clock each time I get close to the end date (I want one of each Eevee and I haven't beaten the Pokemon League Yet). It might be worth a try to rewind your clock if you still want evolution items / bottle caps / eevees of each tera type.

  36. The event should have ended on sunday but I'm still getting tera eevees. Never closed the game just put the switch to sleep and turned off internet right before the event was about to end.

  37. Its the 29th and im still able to do this event dont know if its a bug or what

  38. Really wish I didn't see this video. Wanted to get the game but haven't been able to yet, and I absolutely would love to have a Tera eeveelution of each. This one hurts to see.

  39. If you don’t connect to the Internet on Pokémon scarlet and violet after the Terra event is over terra dens act as if the event is still live. I’m still catching blue star eevee’s and the event ended two days ago 😊

  40. I just thought itd be cool to have all the teratypes idk if ill even evolve them lol


  42. So I’m not really sure how, but the event is still going on for me. I caught the Dragon Tera type this morning.

  43. I got all the Tera type evees on day one of the event

  44. i cant find eevee in raid dens any more, did i miss my chance to get an ice tera jolteon??? please don't tell me that, i need one :<

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