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(Episode 3) Tera Online, How to increase item level!

X3no Pain
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Step 1:Complete all level 65 story quest to get the gear.
Step 2: Collect gear from the demokran factory.
Step3: Enchant and enchant reset till you have gold stats, and its master worked.
Step 4: Do your daily vanguard request, ace dungeon and ace arena.
Step 5: collect intercede tokens for your guile gear, and proceed to enchant again.


  1. Not level 65 yet, but I'll be coming back to this vid when I am

  2. Damn, I would have never know about the gold stats. Or the feedstock you can get from those quests. Successful video, 100%.

    Also, what server you on?

  3. I have three questions.
    What tier is guile gear 9 or 10?
    What's after guile gear?
    Are there any tokens for the gear after guile? if there's any.

  4. About time someone that speaks English and someone who explains shit the right way

  5. Great video man. Couldnt find any coherent info until I found this video. Well done, and thanks.

  6. Aye dude i appreciate you making this video, i've been stuck at 409 for a while.

  7. Sweet, and after that gear what's next to get , I heard crafting and grinding items but not sure if there's something else better before getting into crafting stuff

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