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ENDGAME: Final Fantasy XIV vs TERA Online

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Astral Ring’s New Series where we discuss Game’s in their endgame state. We compare & contrast what Titles have to offer as you approach the end whether it’s Single Player or MMO.

This Episode we do A Comparison for SE’s FFXIV & EME’s TERA Online. We discuss Life at Max Level, what to do and the Pros & Cons of Both.
History of FFXIV @00:52
History of TERA @03:23
Entry Level Chat @0:5:41
Entry level FFXIV @0:06:10
Entry level TERA @09:50
Mid-High Tier FFXIV @12:53
Mid-High Tier TERA @14:11
Hard & Ultimate Chat @16:36
Ultimate FFXIV @16:49
HARD Mode TERA @18:15
FFXIV Materia [email protected]:53
TERA Crystals & Etchings @21:09
Verdict @22:31
Outro @25:39


  1. to be honest in combat system tera is really the best for me…just that the coding is really bad and always have fps drop issue..very sad

  2. the only thing tera does better imo is the combat system

  3. very cool and fair assesment. finally some1 who actually took the time and made an unbiased comparison 10/10

  4. very informative, great work, helpful video

  5. Targeting in tera is garbage imo. That's one of the main reasons why i don't play it.

  6. Tera will always be one of my beloved games, but its apparent flaws hold it back. F2P games often have such problems.

  7. Ugh….Tab Target???? WHY??? This is why Tera will always be superior….I wish Tab targeting would die already ….. Won't be playing this trash…

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