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Elyon is a TERA Clone – First Impression on the New MMORPG

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After Project W was announced many years ago, my hype for the game was expanding more and more and more, up until it was called Ascent: Infinite Realms, which showcased a completely different game than I had cooked up in my mind. Once again changing its title and game to Elyon. As Closed Beta entered North America, thanks to Kakao Games for publishing – I noticed some… if not a lot of similarities to Bluehole’s previous venture, TERA Online.

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  1. You're fired.
    It's not a freakin 'clone.'
    Elyon is TERA 2.0 since TERA is dead.
    Bluehole is giving your spot to Hottiemane.

  2. To be honest even with max graphics it's still feeling dated compared to other games coming out these days, I know they reused assets and all that from Tera else they would've never been able to produce the game and even change it as much as they did from AIR to Elyon but the game graphics are not it's strengths.

    I think the game is serviceable and is great for those looking for something fresh with action combat hybrid but it also shows why they went with UE3 to just copy paste things.

  3. Is there massive input lag like Tera had? I stopped playing Tera because you would use a move it wouldn’t come out and then you die. Most frustrating mmo I’ve ever played. Combat was so good when the buttons worked.

  4. I made a similar video yesterday. I'm happy that I'm not the only one who came to this conclusion. Such a shame on the developers.:(

  5. Not sure why people are so surprised in regards gaming companies using their previously used assets in the newer games.
    It falls in the category "don't fix what doesn't need fixing".
    As a matter of fact, this is a pretty common practice – which can EASILY be spotted especially when it comes to various sound effects.
    Hack, there are situations where AAA games use various cheap bought assets that are being used in games and other media like series, cartoons, ect.

    So if the main "issue" of Elyon is the gaming company being smart using their previous assets, then there really is no problem.

    That said, I'm sure there will be other (actual) issues arising soon enough in regards to this game.

  6. Tbh every new game deserves a chance. I've played tera between 2013 – 2016 and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I will definitely give a chance to this one too. It's still in beta I'm sure they will get more creative with it in the future. Probably as u said since they had to make fast fixes/changes they used assets that are from Tera but I think the endgame content will be a lot more creative and thought out hence they will have more time for it. But that's just me hoping. Nonetheless pretty interesting mmos set to come out this year and the year after, so I'm sure everyone can find something they enjoy playing :3

  7. Game will die out in 2 months after release once all the cash shop grind gets implemented. B

  8. I wish they would copy that you can run backwards at full speed in Tera, instead of that weird slow back shuffle

  9. Can you talk about the mindless no skill monster grinding hours in this game that seems to be a huge part of it and IS ACTUALLY SIMILAR TO BLACK DESERT ONLINE VERY MUCH and not Tera

  10. Damn, down to the horse.

    When people ask me why I'm not going to play Elyon it's because I feel like it's trying to pick up where TERA dropped off. Just looking at the big and flashy skills from some of the classes, I was immediately turned off as it made me feel like it took away from any true finesse and skill needed to really take a class to the next level. This, in my opinion, was one of the issues that started TERA's decline. Combat started getting dumbed down shortly after Reaper and Gunner release because they were quite truly face roll compared to the previous classes and this took away the skill and fun of "being good" at your class. Now add that to the fact that they are just reusing assets, it's literally all they ever did with TERA. Remove old content to put in "new" reskinned versions of it.

    Haven't commented on your videos in forever but I hope to see you cover some PSO2:NG and Swords of Legends. Keep up the good work man!

  11. Mist.game a new mmorpg game on the binance smart chain closed demo releasing Q3 will be epic

  12. Worst first impression video ever, should have removed "the first impressions from the title". there was like 5% of that… thank you for wasting my time

  13. This really isn't surprising or bad imo. TERA was a successful mmorpg and it has been praised many times for its combat specifically, so why wouldn't they use it as a foundation for other games? A lot of game developers do this. As a rough example, look at some of Bethesda's games. Elder Scrolls and Fallout for example, two different game series, but are they really that different? Not really, they share a lot of similar mechanics. They re-use props etc. across games as well. It would be pretty unreasonable to build a game completely from scratch not making use of previously created fine work to some extent, especially if the game is of the same style and genre. It's not like the game is a straight off copy in terms of visuals, story, progression, skill system etc. It has its own unique touch.

  14. Tera 1.5 no gender/race locked classes and slightly flashier combat that's more reminiscent of BDO. Looks promising since no other games seem to have good action combat that feels impactful. Gw2 and ESO, both have meh combat systems and every other game is tab targeting. Ready for this game to launch or at least go into open beta already

  15. I was thinking something is off when I tried CBT…. It felt like MMO from 2011 and not from 2021. Such shame, I had sky high expectations for this game. 🙁

  16. Sorry but it's like hating Bethesda for using same assets in Skyrim and Oblivion. Maybe not quite the same since it's same brand but still. Whole video seems like those models and horse sound made you so triggered you wouldn't even give this game a chance.
    I've played CBT1 a bit and had more fun than I had on Shadowlands launch.

  17. honestly i'm not even mad. i LOVE tera to this day, so a newer, better looking tera sounds great. wish they'd just put some time into upgrading and advertising the existing game, but oh well. a fresh start wouldn't be so bad.

  18. Keep pointing this crap out and ignore all the hate your getting. Anyone who has played Tera through content cycles know how they are with content recycling. Its funny in a way: BHS stole what is essentially Tera today, from NCSoft's Lineage III project. I remember the lawsuit, and the jail time that was issued to former BlueHole CEOs. And now they are ripping off themselves (lol) in an attempt to rip you all off (lol). Its like all they know how to do is steal shit. This screams lazy, blatant cash grab. Wake up ppl: Bootleg MMO.

  19. they should call it TERA 2 … FYI elyon is a name taken from TERA a hero who sacrifice him self to save the world in TERA game story

  20. The monster literally didn't use a single move that the tera one used besides AUTO ATTACKING WITH A CLAW which didnt even move in the same pattern, c'mon.

    Also you can't make unique characters? This game has the same exact customization methods as bdo minus a few, no characters here will ever look the same.

    Also the hound doesn't use a single move of the tera one, you're trying to hard my friend.

  21. black desert combat mixed up with tera online?

  22. I can say that when I played Mystic that there are some abilities that are indeed close to priest in Tera. There are some good differences, but yes.

  23. Mmorpg looks and feels like another mmorpg, shocking!

  24. Fun fact.
    The netcode, server architecture, and a lot of the other internals like the datacenter are pretty much the same as TERA too.
    I guess it makes sense from a development perspective so your development team doesn't have to learn a bunch of new things for this new title.
    Also some of the stuff they reused from TERA did actually work pretty well but it doesn't help the case that this game's just a copy of TERA.

    I only hope it doesn't start to replace TERA and take away it's players. Imo, even on PC, the game's headed in a better direction atm.
    One thing this copying does mean though is a lot of the TERA mod tools, for better or worse, are fairly easy to port over to Elyon.

  25. U got to understand that bluehole made tera so yeah buddy sometimes they want the same concept but change things up this is what they do.

  26. FINALLY someone said that aloud. Im sick of seeing Tera clones as many other people are. This game wont be the next big thing sadly.

  27. Kinda weird how few MMOs we had in 2020, and now 2021 and onwards seems to be stacked.
    Elyon being a TERA clone needn't be a bad thing, but I personally love MMOs with tons of buttons. This seems to lean more on the ESO-style of 10-15 skills, so I'm more interested in SOLO as of now, but might check it out regardless

  28. It's a shame you didn't like this one, it looks like it has potential

  29. I guess cuz I didn't get far into Tera, this will still be a good game for me. Fresh start on a fresh economy

  30. Tbh i rlly dont like this video, not because you compare it to Tera but because you seem to like to compare it with kinda a lot of games. Like the customisation of your Character, say you like it or dont, but to compare it with other games seems kinda wrong. Every game has strenghts in different areas, if you would compare everything with other games who do something better or worse we would be here tomorrow.
    As well i think this is a great thing to happen, for all the ppl who loved tera. Not just because of pve spezially because of pvp. If you where in to the game you should now that PvP was kinda dying out pretty Early, so the PvP player base was rly small, and it was a huge Pve Game. This will create an entire new Playerbase with a fresh looking game. So i dont see anything wrong with it.

  31. Oh my–I can't even. I literally clicked this video and within the first 5 seconds:

    This combat has severe animation locking like TERA does as I watched the character fight that big guy.

    **why didn't they learn their lesson**

    I don't even NEED to watch the rest of the video to know it's bad.

  32. all 44 dislikes are BlueHole devs 🙂 KEKW

  33. I don't care if they will use same monsters assets as Tera. I played Tera for 5 years. I can't say anything bad about Tera except introducing item lvl patch and bad optimization.
    I left Tera only because i decided to try something other after 5 years. And.. there is no games with same hardcore PvE as in Tera. Now i am playing Genshin.
    If it's really Tera 2.0 – i am buying.
    5 years i played on NA server and spend 0$, have every costume just by doing things i am really like – clearing hard dungeons with friend.
    For me this is ideal game

  34. its literally the same game on the same engine,re skinned changed ui and classes and put a price on it 10 years later,oh and worst combat

  35. I am happy it is so much like Tera. I will play and and I don't really care about PVE in a PVP mainly game. With any luck enough people will play to have some epic huge scale battles.

  36. no race or gender lock unlike bless unleased BS, never played tera so this doesn't bother me

  37. Honestly, this kind of made me want to try it. I played TERA right when it went free to play during the Chandra Manaya days. The problem I had with TERA was how they absolutely murdered mah boy. They removed the vanarch system then they started making it so there really wasn't much of a difference in pvp and pve gear, eventually nullifying the difference. Instead of collecting drops in dungeons you started running dungeons for gear which made the open world useless. After that they neutered crafting and eventually dumbed it down so much that they removed alchemy (potions were too hard I believe was the reasoning). After that, pvp just kinda got shoehorned into arena / corsair, I think it was called. Open world bosses and bams were nerfed and eventually became obsolete…And to top it all off they absolutely shafted every other race other than Elin.

    I hope they learn from those mistakes. I would absolutely love an open world game like TERA used to be, chalk full of the good ol pvp shenanigans and fighting over resource nodes and world bosses. Times when the game felt alive and people actually played rather than loiter around the cities due to the dungeon treadmill being a thing (basically you run a dungeon, get the gear and then…you have no reason to get it.) I want to go back to doing arena and stuff to get pvp gear to better pvp in the open world like the old days. Fighting over land and actually being able to control and own lands and turn pvp over regions. That was really neat features that they ended up gutting…I'm hoping they have a clear vision for this game.

  38. tera 2.0 with p2w element, too bad tera was such a good game nothing can top it off and tera improved to unreal engine 4 they still stuck on 3

  39. it's actually very different. so yea I don't see the reason why this video was made

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