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Death of a Game: Tera

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UPDATE: New Steam/Gameforge population data concerning TERA following their merger/new publisher/live service. Not nearly as grim as it looked before, but not exactly successful either. (700 average players). Thank you for the catch detectives, my apologies :).

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#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.




  1. When I tried Tera when it went free to play, I got to level 9 before I stopped playing because the game was that boring. I was not interested in the world or these characters and the whole "action" style combat is highly overrated compared to the tried and true tab targeting combat in other mmos.

  2. I tried Terra back in the day, just couldn't get into and went back WoW unfort I guess lol. 😀

  3. I had the cutting-edge title on my ps4 server, then they chose to merge all the pvp servers and that's when I called it quits.

  4. I had a $900 computer back during TERA's open beta. That game ran like garbage even with those nice specs..

  5. 10:05 oh shit this is Luciform vs No Fun Allowed LOL I was on the red side! God that was fun. We kicked their asses x'D F NFA

  6. I found your video fascinating, and enjoyed the summary of the history of TERA! I never knew it had that many difficulties trying to launch! It’s a shame the game died, I had some really great times with it.

    I wasn’t the best top hardcore player, but I was pretty dedicated, and often had the second best gear (often the previous top gear haha), and for a time was part of the guild that dominated Alliance wars (Radioactive). So I want to share some things you did not mention that may have contributed to player exodus too.

    I joined after the argon stuff and first new class (Elin Reaper) was introduced and before the big new content patch. One big PvE thing players did was called the “Nexus”. Basically a huge event that happened on a schedule where large groups of players would work together to fight large mobs for loot and reputation points. It became a social thing too, with my group (Nexus Granarkus Food Raid 🙂 ) consistently together and having a great time even just waiting for it to start. We didn’t mind the lag from a lot of players being together, and it could be reduced by reducing the graphics temporarily. But when they added the new zone and level cap, they removed the Nexus, with no replacement, and a lot if players I knew quit the game! (Sure you can argue server strain, but there was never a replacement as popular. The loot was made obsolete by the new content, so it wouldn't be an exploitey thing. They could have waited until players naturally moved away from it…)

    When they added new dungeons (which was pretty frequent), it added the newest best gear, obsoleting the old gear, making it very hard for non-super-hardcore players to keep up. And when you couldn’t keep up, due to the inspect feature, I found players would often kick me from parties, making it hard to get the gear. And, even when you got that gear, you had to spend a ton of resources rerolling it!

    They tried to make a new nexus-like thing but it was nowhere near as popular and not really a group thing.

    It was fun when they added new (powerful) classes, but not so much when they nerfed old ones at the same time, or the new class obsoleted others. For example, Brawler killed lancers since it was a tank and did damage (and plenty of dungeons had mechanics to kill parties who couldn’t do enough damage in a certain time frame [another non-top-player-hostile feature]).

    They started making some weird moves, like removing gold drops from monsters, THEN giving subscribers a pet to pick up the now non-existent gold drops. Pretty useless!

    Players could aid lower characters in dungeons with high level characters, my friends and I would often do so when levelling new classes. But they made it so players couldn’t do that anymore!

    Eventually I moved to the Alliance war, as it was the next fun large group (PvP) thing, but they removed that too!! After that I and many who enjoyed Alliance War left, and I have a feeling that was around the time of the mysterious seeming mass leaving of players that they never recovered from you mentioned, before the intense banning of modders.

    Between the things you mentioned, nerfs, content removal, increasing amounts of random-loot micro transactions (loot boxes), and difficulty for players who weren't the top hardcore, TERA, sadly, is no longer the game it used to be.

  7. Game was trash because 90 percent of the characters were female based. The hell with that. 😂

  8. 😂 poor poodles can't exploit on their 40,000 rigs and they cry and don't trust the devs…

  9. 2011 launch.
    Had no idea tera was this old.
    I remember everyone started to abandon the ship because of the classes issues specially in PVP.

    Had a lot of fun in the beggining of tera, it had so much potential, sucks that everything is centered around elins and new classes are completly broken pve/pvp wise.

  10. Boy did I play this game for years! I miss the good old days when it was a challenge to get to end game… When you had to be in a party to kill the BAMS and mmade friends with your group. Now, you can hit lvl 70 in just a few hours without knowing a damn thing about the actual gameplay and end up doing the same rerolled dungeons again and again and again to get gear. It's so empty.

  11. they deleted my account and my skins! i loved the game ! damnit

  12. Watching this honestly was saddening. TERA was some of the most fun I've EVER had with a MMO. It's the only MMO other than Heroes of the Storm (Another supposedly "Dead Game") that I've consistently come back to over and over since I found it.

  13. The rift/nexus content as it was in the beginning, was almost unplayable. The ammounts of players caused huge server lags, making it a very annoying experience.

  14. Community disliked Enmasse ?
    Then i don't wanna imagine what the same community would have thought about Gameforge…

  15. 11:43 Y'know, usually I hate it when the NA versions of games are censored, but in this case… yeah, I can understand it completely. Not sure why they took the blood with it though.

  16. If only other games had combat like this. I don't know why this action-style combat hasn't been built upon. Tab targeting is the most boring crap ever and I think it's a big reason why the MMORPG genre is slowly dying. Actually having to pay attention and think about inputs and switch up rotations was… So refreshing. The other shit is just baaad. This includes WoW.

  17. The reason Tera died in Europe cose the European publisher was moron and made Italian servers. french servers. german servers. spanish servers etc. you had Only one or two English servers and they were full of Russians speaking Russia in global. and thats what made me leave the game . in European servers people should speak English but they encouraged to speak your own language. so i quit the game cose i couldnt find English server

  18. got few ideas. Death of game. Naval action
    Death of a game, Life is feudal mmorpg
    death of a game Gunz The duel
    Death of a game Granado Espada

  19. Out of every game you've covered this one hurt the most to see, I did enjoy the video though

  20. I remember playing this when I wanted to branch out of Vindictus a bit. Still disn't feel as good as Vindi, sadly I think that game is about dead too. Haven't played it in years though.

  21. I could mod my skyrim with Tera armors and shit and basically experience Tera.

  22. What is the best Steam or the Original Launcher ?!

  23. the problem is that mmo's since their inception use 'stats' instead of movement to determine 'saves' (sorry for my DnD lingo) and to change that you have change the game system into something no longer a (traditional) mmo, this is why most mmos are and continue to stay hack and slash, if something like demon souls is taken to be a standard for 'action' rpg then an action mmo will always exist as a compromise between the genre's mechanics and some sort of innovation in movement

    ps: for some reason eastern developers now add autoplay which kind of defeats the purpose altogether

  24. Tera had truly amazing combat system, never played better one (wow,ffxiv,black desert,archeaege,lineage2) all of theese cant even be compared, maybe a bit bdo, but sadly as tera became massive P2W, same happened to bdo

  25. I’ve played mmos since the western launch of ffxi and I’ve never heard anyone refer to anything as a “MORPG”…I mean…i get what you’re trying to say there…but that’s just not a label people use

  26. The Gunner had the most satisfying rotation out of any class from any MMO. So much fun.

  27. I wish some good studio just bought rights for Tera and rebuilded everything but Kastanik, combat, world and monsters just stayed the same.

  28. What also killed TERA a lot was the Race and Gender exclusive new classes. For 2 patches (Reaper and Ninjas) only Elins. Then we got Gunner for Elf female only, Brawler for human female only and then Valkyries for Castanic Female only. I played all new classes during their launch, but it sucked a lot to be held into certain gender/race. Then they slowly made those classes available to other races and genders, but it was already too late.

  29. It's kinda sad that some MMOs from Korea sometimes only goes into other countries when it's close or is dying.

  30. Wow. From August to December 2020 we go from almost 1.5 k players to around 20. That's a massacre.

  31. there were too many MMOs I wanted to play as a kid that are dead now

  32. Problem with Tera is it wasnt even available worldwide , USA friends told me to give it a go , i saw they had NA servers and tried to connect as i did it like this with wow . The game told me i couldnt join ….. Refunded sub and never looked at it again

  33. used to play this game. fun mechanics, but super grindy. really turned me off from MMOs

  34. Oh hey, I used to play this game!! I loved it, the combat was so much fun, the zones were neat, the instances were neat, but then I got to the first major hub city and my framerate absolutely bottomed out. I turned down the settings, I did the .ini tweaks, the gameplay went from slideshow to stopmotion, but nothing remotely playable. Turns out TERA just does not like AMD GPUs, or the other way around maybe, it was really disappointing.

  35. Most shocking thing about this is the studio being called Bluehole.

  36. Wow, I can't believe so many people have good memories of this game. It was so dull and repetitive. Every location just felt the same. I could have 1000 memories of this game and I wouldn't know it because they all feel the same.

    I was out after a couple months.

  37. Elins, the combat and BAMs were the best parts. Worst parts were that it was an Korean game (they always suck) and using Unreal 3

  38. This video really tore at my heart strings. Because I started playing Tera just after it turned Ftp and despite a few of its PtW It was Alright!
    The internal market was reasonable and I made it all the way to end game having sank no money into it.
    The End game is however where things sank for me, as a lancer there was little for me to do.
    There was this massive gap between finishing the story, and true end game content.
    I came back a few years later and the hole game just seemed gutted.
    Massive parts like fae forest where left vacant. Progression was streamlined and everyone was just rush rush rush.
    The crafting system was gone.
    My old guild was all but gone.
    It was just depressing.

  39. Thanks tera now every new mmo has that shit combat lmao

  40. Rift, Aion and Tera all blurred together in my memory and it wasn't until watching this did they all unmerge. Can't say they have much in the way of distinguishable identity though.

  41. Yeah, I wish duelyst didn't die. I got into it not long before it died, it was really good.

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