Complete Guide to WIN 6-Star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet -

Complete Guide to WIN 6-Star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has Tera Raid Battles that are a lot of difficult than they were in Pokemon Sword and Shield. So here is a Complete Guide to WIN 6-Star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Official Playlist of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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0:00 Tera Raid Levels & Playing Online
3:33 Tera Type Balancing
10:45 Good Starting Pokemon for Tera Raids
13:50 Easy EXP to Level 50
14:54 How to Make your Pokemon Stronger
21:06 Clearing Raids & getting into 5-Star Raids
28:22 Level 100, Your Next Pokemon, and 6-Star Raids
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  1. I swear I have faced some annoying 6 Star Raids, Literally Garchomp with it's ha rough skin and it's normal terra type, then a Salamance with moxie and Ground tera type its hard so imma just wait for your guides for 6 star, in the mean time this helps

  2. around 830 you said we need this right now, and couldn't be more true, I was hosting a 6 star fire Tera Dragalge and people joined, put on Azumarill and clicked ready within seconds. First round I didn't even notice but all 3 used belly drum 1st turn to die straight after that because of the poison type move(s) it had. Since than I now hate Azumarill/Iron hands joining ANY raid and just belly drumming to lose precious time. (If not host) I always see them and say well damn 'bet ya a million bucks he dies turn one' and i've never been wrong.

    (Belly drum can work well, but please watch out for weaknesses before picking that strat)

  3. Not the video we want… but the video we need.

  4. My dex is at 395 just need my alternate legendary and the 32 ominous stakes pull. 100 percent ready for that video!

  5. 4:33 the tera-attack is any attack done while teracrystalized or it has to have the same type of the tera-crystal?????

  6. Super stupid question, but how does that thing work he showed at 17:18 ? When using the berries on a pokemon to lose the EVs, what button do I have to press so it shows me how much to use?

  7. Fantastic video, Austin! I definitely appreciate all the work that you have put into this and will be using this strategy going forward! You're the best!

  8. Could you do a video of Support Pokemon for 5,6, & 7 star Raid battles?

  9. "Jigglypuff seen from above"… I got that reference

  10. I love these people that think belly drum iron hands is gonna carry them to victory, against a fairy type…

  11. mostannoying raid was a anniahlape with grass terratype 6 star…..

  12. I can’t get the resetting dens done. Is there another step I’m missing?

    I open the menu with X. Press home and go to the settings and change the date. Come back, close the menu and nothing happens. Same raids

  13. Can someone explain to me why you want to use the berries to lower your stats before turning around and training them back up? I’m fairly new to Pokémon so it doesn’t make much sense.

  14. Does anyone know how to de- level a Pokémon? I got a shiny Finizin and I made it level 100… I messed up…

  15. I love that "Jigglypuff viewed from above" is still a joke.

  16. Just a idea Flutter mane learns the move Perish song would that work on the Charizard ????

  17. Money is not a problem he says…. meanwhile me needs to farm money like crazy xD

  18. Iron bundle for charizard? Water and ice type

  19. I’ve yet to defeat a five star raid. It’s frustrating. I’m level 100 type match ups and everything.

  20. Get yourself a good Azumarill against 7*Charizard

  21. Feels weird that I’ve been watching ur stuff since sun/moon 💀

  22. Current best ideas for charizard raid are belly drum play rough azumarill(resists fire, immune to dragon) and play rough or draining kiss dachsbun (immune to fire+ defense boost from ability, immune to dragon)

  23. What exactly do I need to do to unlock the bottle caps in the Delibird presents shop?

  24. Thank you xD I'm really new to Pokemon but I fell in deep and am now just upset that I couldn't do 5-6 stars correctly

  25. chansey also spawns in the cave where you find roaring moon and iron valiant, and since it's the only normal spawn there you can grind it there, the chansey will be lvl 55 in that cave and you have to make the sandwich outside of area zero. I know it's only a slight lvl difference but it should help the grind go by a bit faster

  26. Just fully trained a max shiny ceruledge for the raids from the things in the videos. Thank you Austin for these inputs i have been watching you since SnS.

  27. if you hit right to see how many berries you can use, it only goes up by 10, not necessarily how many you can use

  28. What’s the type chart he is using? I need it!

  29. I want that Charizard but I can’t even beat most five star raids with a level 100; EV trained with all 6 IV’s maxed out with specific typing and move set soley to take out that Pokémon.

    Granted I have no friends so I do everything solo but still. I think the Charizard one is going to be too hard. Meeting that a fraction of a fraction of a percent will actually succeed. I expect literally less than 100 people in the entire world to be able to successfully capture it. It will be one of the rarest Pokémon to exist in the games. Miyamoto trades will be more common.

  30. i cant with the stupid Ground fairy Gardevoir, literally been doing this the whole day and it’s my first one.
    still haven’t finished it

  31. It’s kind of ridiculous I have to watch a 33 minute video just to be able to contend in these end game Tera raids. They made them unnecessarily difficult.

  32. I hate that the whole game is mindlessly easy, flying elite 4 members etc, and then the second you hit max level every child online has to know every possible thing about every pokemon to get pokemon

  33. I did all the post game and still haven’t seen on black Tera raid yet what am I doing wrong I don’t see the charizard raid on my map but I’ve been getting all the mimikyu and florges raids I’m lost

  34. I feel so stupid, I accidentally traded my lucky egg while trying to complete my dex…

  35. You said after 8 Gym your Pokemon should be lvl 50 plus? I have 3 Gym Badges and my starter Pokemon is level 54 while my other Pokemon are 45 plus LUL.

  36. So I’m a returning player to Pokemon and obviously have a lot to catch up on. And as much as I love the type calculator – I’m finding when the tera type essentially gives it a third type I’m completely lost and the typings don’t seem to be correct.

    Is that how that works or am I missing something? What’s the best way to account for this?

  37. I absolutely love that jigglypuff seen from above is a staple in this community

  38. Hey love the videos, thank you for your hard work.

    In a previous video you said something about reaching out for things we have help with.
    Let's see if I can explain this correctly.
    I have not been able to find a raid guide cheetsheet, I don't have the Pokemons names memorized and when trying to join a tera raid, after refreshing the post board it feels like you have a meter of a second or two to join one before it fills.

    Do you know of any resources that would show the "who's that pokemon outline" with recommended pokemon to use for that pokemon?

  39. Also just wanted to share that modest wigglytuff with competitive is absolutely awesome in so many raids, so common that your stats get reduced in a raid and wigglytuff don't care he'll just become a maxed monster in seconds

  40. My bf went in with Grimmsnarl, a hope, and a dream…
    Lost 1 time out of 5 Charizard raids. Didn't matter the teammates.
    Caught Charizard on both Vioket and Scarlet already. Its December 2nd now. It was in the first hour or 2 of the Charizard raid event starting. Grimmsnarl was Lv75 when starting. Lv100 now

  41. Hi I used the modest mint on my lucario and despite I read the texture that the changed happened it’s nature is still naive. Is this a bug/ should I do it again or what?

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