BFF Report - Ep 106 - TERA Online -

BFF Report – Ep 106 – TERA Online

Mike B aka Fony
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  1. Are you really comparing a game that came out a while ago with the beta stage of another? are you serious?

  2. Fucking fanboys. So god damn retarded and want to ruin everything. swtor, gw2, tera, wow. Just cut all their fingers off.

  3. I hadn't actually seen proof that Tera's questing was subpar, but you showed 6 quests that literally asked you to kill the same things. And not simultaneously.

  4. At least this game isn`t looking like a shit. I`m talking about you, SWTOR!

  5. Is that a fact? only 1 weapon per class? That sounds very boring to me, it would be a shame if this is actually true. Surely the warrior class can use axes, swords, hammers etc.

  6. well yes , unless that wil lchange at some point in the game , i played to lvl 35 , but i honestly dont think you do , war uses dualwieldsword thats displayed as 1 weapon too , lancer / lance/shield , slayer/2handed sword , and so on so on, thats why i dont get why tera people say skills and weapons are limited for gw2 … but hey again .. its just about preference , dont listen o anyone , play the games and choose for yourself 🙂

  7. Thanks for the intel, I think you have choosen for me. I can't go back to WoW, so it looks like GW2 is the way to go.

  8. if you let people choose for you , you get disapointed … if unlucky;P , just saying 😛

  9. Get past the grind of questing and you may really enjoy it. Some classes seem gimped and stupid, but pick one that feels right and you're hooked.

  10. If you think this game looks good then i pity you.

  11. "The high elf has 2 females for some reason" lol xD

  12. Since tera has collision detections can u line up a group of friends and block a path? xD

  13. It really does look like a cheap japanese final fantasy kinda rip. I'm not a fanboy for GW2 but imo it looks the most likely new MMO to actually be successful. The beast races are also not weird rock people like in Terra. Srsly what is that shit?

  14. Tera gets:
    -interesting from level 20
    -hard from level 30
    and that's how pretty much each mmorpg works – the beginning needs to be easy for newbies to the mmo genre to be able to adjust to the various mechanics. This is especially important for a game like Tera, featuring a completely new form of combat.

  15. Your review is too ranty, frankly I think this is the first time you've got it wrong. I liked Tera, but you pretty much skipped every nice thing about it and ranted the entire time.

  16. "…but not every race…has….tits."

  17. You said that "tera looks 2years old". I know that it is, but please name another MMO that has the animation level on PC and mobs, or the depth of textures and environment that tera has. Tera is OVERKILL on the gfx side for an mmo, so much so that it is not accessible by many due to hardware requirements.

  18. unique pvp system? linage 2 has this system for decade …. but i do agree that its best pvp system 🙂 + this will allow intense fighting for better grinding spots, bosses and its so fun too 🙂

  19. Not being able to attack while moving is simply ridiculous, you can't kite as a ranger, and you can't attack a ranged class as a melee while you're moving. Feeling locked while attacking is atleast to me, ruining the combat system, which is supposed to be "awesome and unique" in the MMO genre.

  20. WoW didnt have battlegrounds when it was released and for many months after the release. So whats your point? WoW is equally grindy as this game, kill x amount of boars hand in quest. kill 10 wolves hand in quest. So whats your point? You complained how the first instance is too easy in this game and how you can do it without a tank (grats you managed to do 1 instance out of all instances without a tank) as you can in WoW. So whats your point?

  21. Actually, during Cataclysm they re-did all the zones pretty much. Not to say there's no kill x of y, but the whole zone isn't JUST that, you actually progress through a story line per zone with events happening as you go and there's quite a few new unique quests. Also, if WoW is grindy, UBAD LOL.

  22. You must be new here. If you don't like his videos, don't watch them? They're his opinions, not like he's saying. "YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME, WATCH THESE VIDEOS!"

  23. You realize that it no being accessible by many due to hardware requirements is a BAD thing, right…? That's kind of…why WoW is so popular? You can play it on a brick.

  24. Archer is the best solo class, probably why your lower levels were so easy

  25. this looks like shit compared to GW2….And you have to pay every month? damn.

  26. Good vid, sounds like you know your shiz. I'll be playing gw2.

  27. Thats exactly my point, to comment on its graphics saying its dated is insane. The depth of armor textures in tera is on par with the MOST GRAPHIC intense games on the market period. It is overkill for an mmo. Only bad thing i will say is i wish it was designed on a newer more efficient engine instead of U3.

  28. I hear alot of people mentioning the mobs all looking the same with slight differences. Now I haven't played every MMO out there, but I have played FFXI, FFXIV, WoW and so on, and iirc they all have the same issue. All of the mobs in every game I've played look the same with only slight differences in power and appearance and diff names. I do agree with the lack of Dynamic weather and lack of day and night cycles though, Tera needs some day and night cycles and dynamic weather.

  29. I dunno, I kinda disagree with you about WoW being harder.

    WoW is so simple and personally I would say that Levelling in WoW is easy-peasy.

  30. anyone know the name of the song at 2:13 ?

  31. Guys anyone that's fighting Tera over Guild wars 2 needs to realize both games are for completely different people. Some people will always enjoy Tera more than Guild wars, some people will always accept Guild Wars over Tera. If anyone is dissing your game just forget it, it won't change anything and they won't change what you like as a person.

  32. Honestly m8, you should really play the endgame before making this vids.
    PvP in tera for example. It sucks. it is gear based, either 1 shot or be 1 shot.
    Enchanting system, fails hard.
    PVE system is a mindless grind where items don't even drop from the boss that you kill, forcing you to farm the crap out of the dungeon for even a chance to get the item that u need.
    Lots of other things i care not to mention, i quit playing it a while back.
    The world pvp fails hard, just run in/out of safe zone

  33. i think Pedobear will be happy playin this game … specially where you create your character!

  34. WTF is going on in the chat at 7:35?! ಠ_ಠ

  35. do all the characters have asthma? looks like they all need to us an inhaler ,FAST!

  36. Pretty much what happens in the channel everynight. Its a bloody awful place full of complete idiots.

  37. Caramelldansen parapara [カラメルダヌセン パラパラ] also known as Caramelldansen_U-U-U-Aua_Dance

    Enjoy 😉

  38. "I have a job for you. Bring me a Treeleg." "Oh, you know.. i need Treearms too.." "Aw right, the head, that i need too." "Hey surprise! Bring me Treebrains!" "I'm just kidding you, i need the complete Tree" "Oh didn't i say, i needed it alive?" ……

    But now for real, do you think it will go free-to-play before the servers are shut down? …

  39. Hey MikeB, could you make a new review about Tera: rising? Since it became f2p a few weeks ago 🙂

  40. About the tree thing, i went and played maple for the heck of it (i was bored) and MAN DAT GAME KS ALL ABOUT THE DIFFERENT COLOURS. You gotta kill 50 brown dragons, 50 red, then 50 blue, all in different areas (right next to each other but still) and gotta go all the fk back to town to finish quest, and get the other quest about killing another colour.. oh man so fun. I now learned the different colours, red, blue and brown.

  41. 4:32 "And all of a sudden:" Right then, I had a power surge, had to restart my computer. Perfect timing on that, haha.

  42. Wonder how much this game has changed its already been more then a year since this review and now I found out its free-to-play

  43. If by "more fluid" you mean rooting yourself every single time you use nearly any attack (even auto-attack), then sure. Meanwhile, in the real world (where fluid more or less means uninterrupted), GW2 is superior. With at least most professions (classes, for you plebs) and weapon sets in GW2, you'll have at most one skill on your bar that roots you during its cast/animation, unlike the stop-n-go (run, stop&attack, run, stop&attack, etc.) you're subjected to for at least two classes in Tera. js

  44. I was looking to play again, what's new from 2012 to now?

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