AdrenaliNex PvP TERA Online (Elin Archer) - Alienware M11x R2 -

AdrenaliNex PvP TERA Online (Elin Archer) – Alienware M11x R2

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Some PvP footage to show you how PvP works in this game, lvl 42~44 Elin Archer PoV.

TERA Online gameplay from the Korean retail. Official website for the NA version:

Tera Fans Forums:
Aphotic Guild:

This game runs on Unreal Engine 3.

Everything maxed out, 25~40 FPS normal gameplay.

Recorded with Bandicam.

– X Ray Dog – Final Hour
– FFVII Crisis Core Soundtrack – Encounter

**System specs (Alienware M11xR2 Notebook)**

– Intel Core i7 640-UM (Bios OC 166MHz)
– 3GB Ram
– Nvidia GeForce GT335M


  1. Gosh, watching a slayer pvp makes me wana cry.. they're so slow and they get stunned by their own attacks while u run around charging up that giant one shot haha

  2. Any game where you can kill someone in pvp by 1 shot/hit is a dead game to me.

  3. Aphotic- A guild that mainly kills characters 10 levels below them and then feels like a badass.

  4. @viking75ify Don't worry Viking, this isn't the case for Tera. Aphotic, the guild this guy is from, tend to initiate PvP with low level characters. That is why you see so many running away, they are trying to get out of PvP distance since they are too underleveled to be fighting this archer. You can get ganked on PvP servers without having to agree to PvP.

  5. @DuploBone So it is not a choice the player makes, if he wants to pvp or not? Does this mean i can run around with my lvl 10 and a highlvl character can just run up to me and end my life?

  6. @viking75ify There is a warning of sorts, the player's name will be red in appearance to you instead of white, signifying he is an outlaw. You gain more stats from defeating him and he gains less stats for killing as an outlaw. Anyhow, you have two options if you want to deal with outlaws. A) Join a guild that will aid in protection against those that would harm you. B) Don't roll on a PvP server. You can still PvP on PvE, but you have to accept duels/GvG prompts.

  7. @DuploBone tyvm for clearing that up for me mister :o)

  8. @viking75ify Although from what I have recently learned, guild versus guild may not be on PvE servers. Still up in the air though, I think it was spoken of maybe being on a PvE RP server, so it may very well be on all. Only time and more information will tell though. Anyhow, you are most welcome.

  9. Good Job on the movie. Keep them comming.

    I wanna roll a lancer and archer when the game comes out in the EU on 28th april(headstart), this movie just proved that my spider sense was right. Archers look like fun.


  11. cant wait for cbt to pwn on with my fucking hunter love this game

  12. Open beta begins on my birthday, AND I pre-ordered! =D

  13. What a bummer I have Army drill on the first closed beta I can do cause I just pre-ordered it lol Oh well. Character will be wiped anyway.

  14. @Classic0187 uumm theres a character wipe after the open beta april 22 and for those who pre orderd the game you can create a character on april 26 and headstart is april 28…….so the REAL headstart begins april 28 😉

  15. @Classic0187 mmmm looks like I was wrong 😛 I'm always checking the german forum for updates but I couldn't find any official statement about the character wipes besides the official one and that one clearly says that there will be a character wipe after the open beta^^ but thanks anyway I found the Beta-plan-feedback-and-cha­racter-wipes and hope your right 🙂

  16. that's going to mostly depend on you if you can play the melee class good then pvp'ing a ranged class while albeit a challenge is not impossible to win personally i usually like magic classes but when i tried the mystic i didn't like it at all i did however like the priest and archer when i played those two classes so i suggest trying each of them out before picking one that way you get a feel for which you like best.

  17. your wrong, it gets wiped after open beta. Head start begins 28th and thats where leveling counts not 19th april

  18. do you guys have any other pvp videos for other classes like slayer or berserker

  19. PVP Tactic for Archers (~lv10) against Slayer, Mystic, Sorcerer, and Lancer:
    Stay your farthest away from opponent while keeping in your attack range. Hold down the skill button 1 or 2 sec before the match starts. You can also use Arrow Volley to lock on at the start. Keep spamming the reg. Arrow until they get in close, then use Close Quarters to stun them, and then a Slow Trap -> Breakaway Bolt -> Penetrating Shot -> (repeat pattern) Arrow Volley -> CQ -> Slow, etc. I almost always win my pvp.

  20. haha even back on aion i just obliterate their main group alone as an assassin 😉

  21. archer scuk? wtf hahah god u are a nobody lol

  22. please someone in inbox send me link to download this game please!

  23. n1, the slayer stood still 99% of the match and 1% it just autoattack imagenairy friends

  24. I noticed on some of ur charged shots u don't recoil back like I do how u make it do that?

  25. Why does this game suck? why is there so many dislikes in every Tera video?

  26. Im constantly hearing the skill shots song in my head because of this.

  27. u can get a 7 days free to test it 😀

  28. or at least a change in the class system it feels like everyone is the same…

  29. Does race choice really make much difference in PvP for archers?

  30. I was debating on logging in tonight or not and your video inspired me to level my archer! It's so cool to only be level 30 and see all the glyphs and skills in action!

  31. youtube lag… No se puede ver una mierda de ningun video…

  32. noob archer,fighting noobs 40 lvl,we will see how you do in lvl 60

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