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A beginners guide to TERA

Josh Strife Hayes
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Hello, I’m Josh ‘Strife’ Hayes, and this is a super simple beginners guide to the action MMORPG ‘TERA’ on PC.


TIMESTAMPS (super thanks to reddit user ‘milkycup’ for these)

00:00 – Introduction, information about TERA itself
02:27 – Character creation
02:56 – Tutorial, basics
04:00 – Past tutorial, experience & leveling,
06:23 – Info about quests
07:23 – Vanguard requests
09:42 – Story quests
11:00 – Dungeons
13:38 – Levelling, skill tree, Skill UI,
15:45 – Glyphs
16:50 – Chained skills
18:55 – Weapons
20:08 – Armor, item shop, enigmatics & enchanting
22:44 – Basic enchanting
24:59 – Crystals
27:48 – Travelling, mounts, flying mounts
29:30 – Teleporting to other maps
30:06 – Tera club

This video is aimed at the PC version but the Xbox and PS4 players among you should still find some useful info.

This video is designed to give new players the foundation knowledge they will need to level up, and answer a few common questions, it is not aimed at the hardcore endgame players.

If you have any questions, i’m normally streaming nightly on twitch at twitch.tv/joshstrifehayes

Thank you for watching and have a great day x


  1. wow! a very solid and great commentary tutorial video wich makes it really understandable to watch

  2. Absolutely fantastic guide! Will be subscribing. Great work.

  3. One Problem I play on console and I don't find avatar weapon any where can anyone please tell me where or how i can get or make avatar weapon pls😭

  4. Please tell me you were paid for this, you have a voice made for voice-overs!

  5. tera is a dead game… They did thesame error every dying mmo does. make leveling easier, redo the starting zones people were fond of, make power creep immense to make players feel superficially strong – which doesnt work because we are not 10 years old…

    Removed old content made dungeons soloable and made a mercenary system because showing us that we are loosers who need a fake friend in a mmorpg is a good idea.

    Furthermore years of catering to elin pedophiles and making everything targetted to the sexually frustrated loosers succesfully made every normal player feel abandoned. Not one update for Amani, not to mention Baraka. Fuck this game. i bought it when it released and was buy to play… i despise where it went during development…

  6. Excellent guide very helpful thank you so much!

  7. just started playing in 2020 I’ll lyk if this guide helps not that anyone cares

  8. You must be very serious and well-knowledgeable about this game, i’ve never seen anything like this, also the first time i’ve not skip any seconds of the video, you have my respect.

  9. It seems Avatar weapons are not avaiable anymore so my question is, now the only good weapons can be obtained from dungeons?

  10. i play on console. are avatar weapons still in the game?

  11. you forgot to mention to never play from gameforge

  12. If played at 1.5 speed, it's almost Windows Narrator voice

  13. Lotsa bogus guides out on YouTube and this is NOT one of them! Good job and thank you!

  14. Tera worth playing??? I love wow but don’t have a computer 😫

  15. He sounds like the narrator from little big planet

  16. I miss so much playing this game , especially dungeon such as rk9 and up above , and play lancer feels like playing like dark souls XD and i like it , need timely dodge and team cooperate , timely guard, i dont like berserker (or idk i forgot its name tank use fist) cause he easy to use tank , damn so i miss this game so much

  17. it is rly safe to spend all of your skills point, will i be able to get all my skills doing that ? can i reset my skill points ?

  18. The way this man says “H” is so fucking soothing….. like y’all going to think I’m trolling but I’m being 100% Serious god bless this mans soul

    Ps.i just downloaded Tera on Xbox and this Video was very helpful

  19. I know nothing about this game but it sounds so good. Items dont break on failure to upgrade, instance queing, buying skills rather than limited skillpoints, I'm ready!

  20. I love how this game works, you can be a Lone Wolf, like me and still have lots of fun. It has lot of Aion I have been playing for years before this one, but since all my friend left for studies or work or life in general I have stayed alone. Poor me autistic nerd and gamer. The only thing I hate, that I need to open things by an F instead of an E like every other games and I can´t change it. Also Aion upgraded and deleted all my characters worth of 10+ years I am so mad.
    This tutorial is great, I play through steam and have no problems, I just wish I can craft earlier than lvl 65. I am used to have one character only for crafting. Also I love the quests, it´s a bit annoying to going forwards and back again and again, but yeah, what the hell, it´s no problem.

  21. Probably the best guide I have ever seen tbh, good job. I am impressed lol

  22. im just trying to find out how to get in the actual game-

  23. Really want to play the game but can't after patch 97 (64-bit) the game wont work even though i tried deep clean uninstallation of the game and a new copy of Windows and support literally are not replying over 8 days and they ignore me

  24. absolutely.. the best.. ultimate.. newbie friendly guide ever.

  25. someone knows how i can see avatar weapon thing on ps4?

  26. I got into the game recently and feel like a moron that it’s been out since 2011😅

  27. I watched 6 minutes of this video. I know, that I will never play Terra, but damn he got a nice voice.

  28. "See that large red diamond just there? that, represents this. and that is a BIG ASS MONSTER." i died for no reason laughing. xD

  29. Brooo I been trying to figure out how to enchant weapons past +3 on Xbox Series S and X version but I still haven't figured it out. Until now. Thanks for this video!!! I'm lvl 35 in 2 days going strong first playthrough as a slayer. Love this game. And your guide!!

  30. 5 hour for a maintenance tho bruh.

  31. Can you max level without completing all main story quest? Will miss anything good if you did not complete all main story quest?

  32. I played through beta and year one, its kinda sad how streamlined the game has become, almost as if on rails in comparison. I actually enjoyed leveling all 3 of my characters in year 1 so I dont really understand all the changes.

  33. hican someonep lease help me @JoJo i just downloaded the game and it tells me your account is blocked so please help

  34. Why Tera ?
    One of the most shitty mmo… well it seams i must deal with it, somehow 😆

  35. Love Tera hate the overuse of the gear treadmill design, instead of making new content they just make your armor worthless so you have to grind it all over again though the same dungeons you've done a tonne of times already if you've played for a few years, the beautiful open world maps feels really unused most of the time. I like how compared to most MMOs you can level up to 65 in a few days, especially if you have xp boosts, it was fun, I had at least 6 level 65 elins, then the level 70 patch came along an nobody could get to max level no matter how hard they grinded, completely undermining the design of the game that seemed to be doing well. I feel like the already small player base dropped a lot after that patch. I had stormcry +3 armor on my main character and some of my other chars were not bad either, but I feel so lost whenever I try to play the game lately because its all changed so much.

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