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60 – 65 Leveling Tips / Guide – TERA Online

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This is a guide & tips video on how to go from level 60 to 65 as fast as possible in TERA and too avoid the unnecessary grind when running out of main quests to do.

Although most of the information in the video is common knowledge, I felt that it would be helpful for new players on the console versions (Xbox and PlayStation 4) in order to avoid the tedious grind due to the main story quests not giving enough exp to go 60 -65. Sitting in Highwatch and afk queing for dungeons is not fun to do!

00:17 – The very brief run down if you don’t want to watch the video!

00:33 – In depth look at reaching level 65 in TERA.


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#TERA, formerly known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is a free-to-play action-based massively #multiplayer online #roleplaying game (#MMORPG) developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse Entertainment.

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  1. skibba libba dee a ska ba laba loo. Shiggy diggy diggy wiggy wing wong woo.

  2. I'm lvl 60 and doing lvl 60 dungeons. But my lvl bar seems to not move. Is that normal?

  3. whats that first place called right at the beginning? where your telling to farm relics at level 60

  4. The best 60 to 65 guide thank you! Life saver

  5. How do you get to that area? Is it only on pc?

  6. Personally you’re right about it being common knowledge but you give a really good explanation of how and where you should level I appreciate how simplistic the video is yet it gets to the point in such an easy manner to understand thank you for that

  7. Not sure if it's the same on consoles, but on PC version you can join the Kumas Royale battleground which yields insane amount of experience via vanguard quests. The experience is around 602.000.000 per vanguard quest and you can grind it all day long.

  8. Im actually lvl 63 55% and the quest chain is over, and the vanguard quests give nothing, and no one is doing dungeons….

  9. lvl 60 and i am not whereever you are, no szene, no quest just lvl 54 bullshit

  10. is this still applcable I didnt get anything at level 60

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