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*2 WEEKS ONLY* How to Get Walking Wake & Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The Pokémon Presents 2023 gave us a new Tera Raid Spotlight Update introducing 2 New Pokemon, Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Here is How to Get Walking Wake & Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for 2 weeks only!

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  1. Iron leaves is broken super cheap. It doesn't matter if you follow these guides or not if it spams the same attack that can drain your energy all the way to zero there is absolutely nothing you can do. It doesn't matter if your max level and have the pokemon that is suppose to be strong against iron leaves type.

    This games entire raid battle system is hit or miss.

  2. Do I have to beat area zero part for the Tera raid to spawn it won't spawn on the map I beat the victory road story part but no 5 star raids are for the any type

  3. I beated the eait 4 and becam champion but I don’t see it

  4. There’s no added area or story? How do i access it?

  5. I didn’t get it on my raid. Do I have to buy the Nintendo net?

  6. I did everything right at the beginning, but I still haven't encountered Walking Wake yet. Do I need to do something else?

  7. Bro I played on violet and it let me get the scarlet exclusive paradox Pokemon lol

  8. I just became Champion but i can’t find the wake raid anywhere?

  9. I used Annihalape for walking wake..1 boost and 3 screech and rage fist one shot. Haven't gotten iron leaves yet as my violet file isn't nearly stong enough..

  10. Gaming with Producer: Justin C. Brown says:

    Suicune on Steroids.

  11. I just bet the elite four and became champion but it’s not showing up for me.

  12. Ah yes, dividing 80 we get 60! Thank you for the math lesson today 😉

  13. I just got my walking wake and it has a mark

  14. Why won't iron leaves appear?! i don't want to miss it but i cant make him come!

  15. I can't seem to find it anywhere on the map

  16. When you said "dont bring a grass type it has flamethrower" I was on my way with meowscara

  17. i cannot find this thing in raids no matter what 🙁

  18. Anyone got a walking wake raid I can join? 😢 I only have violet

  19. Damn I guess I need to finish the game in a week.
    Only 10 badges in

  20. crappy a$$ game got boring real quick after beating the game

  21. So Can you still get them in the game still?

  22. Sooo the raid for walking wake arent showimg up and if it does its a sylveion or a garchomp its geting close to ending and im really confused on why i havent seen it 🙁 i really want it

  23. Trade codes for walking wake for iron leaves??

  24. I have beatten getta and nemona and I have restart the dens about 109 times and still haven't found it what do I do?

  25. My Skeldirge defeated it on first try, without it being specially trained, it was literally my starter.

  26. Hey sorry Im a little late but don’t get much time to play. I’m unclear, is it one EACH of walking wake and Iron Leaves per save or only one or the other on each save?

  27. I just want to ask this can you collect exp candies and Rare Candies to get your Pokémon to level 75+ or do you have to grind throu battles with wild Pokémon?

    I have yet to even start Violet and I might replay Scarlet because I AM NOT fond of Sprigatito’s evolutions


  28. Will they just be completely gone after these two weeks?

  29. Why do they both look like pokemon that were already created in the past games?

  30. Can someone please help me I can’t find it ( I play Pokémon Violet )

  31. I beat both of them first try dk if any one else did but hopefully u guys get them

  32. do i HAVE to be on the internet? i dont have nintendo account 🙁

  33. Got a critical hit with a belly drummed Iron Hands and took over half the health of Walking Wake in one. Was quite funny.

  34. Not sure if anyone is still looking for iron leaves answers, but I built a skuntank using screech, focus energy, foul play and taunt 252 into defense 252 into hp and dark tera, worked surprisingly well

  35. 8:05 Just realized I have the exact shirt you where wearing I wore it 2 days ago

  36. I've beaten the Elite Four, I've updated my game, I've done the Poke Portal update, and even after changing the date on my system and restarting, Walking Wake is not appearing on my map! Has anyone encountered this and can offer some guidance cuz I really want this pokemon!!

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