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10 Tips For TERA Players

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In this video I’ll give you 10 tips for playing TERA. I’ve seen a few people who didn’t follow these tips and some of them artificially limited their progress because of it.
00:00 Intro
00:17 Farm gold in endgame
00:45 Play multiple characters
02:15 Use your bank space
03:29 A good start on a new character
04:04 Efficient skill bar setup
04:56 Join a guild
05:37 Use Discord
06:21 Teleport for free
07:16 Learn mechanics
07:54 Look at the enemy
08:41 Zoom out
09:07 Outro
10 Tips for TERA Players (Part 2):
TERA Master Race Discord Server:
A nice place to find information:
YUKATI – Whispers (Beat, available for lease on Beatstars.com):

YUKATI – Stoned Llama:

YUKATI – Sneaky Llama (not on YouTube yet):


  1. character slots are going for 1.5m right now

  2. Nice video again! ❤️ Btw a question. I main priest. Is grinding w healer as efficient as w dps? Tbh I don't find dps/tank so appealing..

  3. nice video. Expecially for me who is new to tera your videos have so many helpful informations

  4. Hi! Do you have any tips for lvling to 70 after you have done the two banquets quest? Thanks for answear!

  5. Can u teach me the skill rotation for warrior dps and tank thank u sir for making guide for us newbie

  6. 1st tip : don't play TERA
    2nd tip : don't play TERA


    Bonus : Enmasse has left the chat too!

  7. hi is it bad to start the game as a tank? because i really like brawler and lancer

  8. They fucked up the endgame with the level 70 patch.. You can't just level up with dungeons to max level anymore.. You need to do boring as hell and waste of time quests from level 65.. Shame.

  9. Is worrior or sorc better dps wise

  10. New players should start practicing with BAMs since most of the bosses on Tera are just copy paste of BAMs in the open world, knowing most of the attacks that they can do will help them to not die all the time from basic stuff, so once they understand the type of attacks they will use, they can focus more on the mechanics for every fight.

  11. Just a good TIP you can add in a next video: Go to options and check all "player alerts". Allow to avoid, see, watch out many moviments and bosses mechs

  12. I have so many characters I love, I haven't gotten anyone above 452.

  13. These videos are so good for returning/new players, thank you for the effort! Was wondering if there's a need for an updated card/companion guide? There's a lot to unpack with this game that varies greatly from the last time I played it (+18 months). Thanks again!

  14. I give you one tip never play this game its dead

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