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10 Seconds of Tera Online Which Capture Its Appeal Perfectly

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  1. Digi, this is probably my favorite video youve made. Perfectly captures the full appeal of the game in only 3 minutes.

  2. "If the aesthetic is right, I'll never get bored of grinding."
    That's what used to think about WoW…

  3. Its actually funny cause I actually just realized the game is still open in the background, I play it while listening to the Drunken Peasants and other long form videos and I just forgot about it.

  4. Reapers are my favourite. Too bad I'm in Aus so it's kinda laggy which makes it less fun.

  5. mate, 10 seconds of an Elin doing some emotes is enough to capture all the appeal of the game

  6. One reason why I play games like this or Vindictus.

  7. I really love that they put so much effort into the aesthetics of this game. For example, even for castanics that wear perhaps the skimpiest outfits in videogaming, they somehow manage to make those outfits look somehow posh and fashionable. Like they had actual fashion designers making the most epic skimpy outfits possible. They look badass in those outfits. That's a theme that carries across all the races.

  8. I can sum up why this game is full of fan service and bad. Lolis with death reaper claws no other class/race can have and only the op classes are allowed on slender pencil thin big tited anime girls and locked for men and every race but two.

  9. Are you going to check out Blade & Soul when it's gonna come out on January 19th?

  10. And here I am in Australia, with the entire MMORPG genre basically closed off to me. I mean, I've tried TERA, but the delay before every action I input and their execution just grinds down my will to play.

  11. For me, it's the other way around: If the quests aren't entertaining enough (and by that I mean deep, RPG'esque quests instead of, as you said it, an endless collection of identical enemy encounters and collection quests), no aesthetics or combat system can save it. On the other hand, if a game has good quests, nothing else matters. That's why I'm engaged with a game as simple as Runescape and feel quite reluctant to even try TERA.

  12. And then Brawlers got released, lol. Ripppppp

  13. You'd prolly like Dragon Nest way better.
    Me and my friends found TERA boring and slow in comparison.

  14. i can't see what people find bad about tera.

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