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[1] Big Gorilla Problems (TERA Online w/ GaLm, Chilled, and Ze)

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Chilled, Ze, and I were asked to check out a couple of parts of TERA Online (since it was just put up on Steam), so first we check out the Ravenous Gorge, a high level 3-man dungeon with quite a few…big ass troubles for us to deal with.
►Check out the game for free on Steam here:

►You can also enter in “Galm” on to get a few items (if you have an account)

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Disclaimer: These videos are sponsored by the developers!


  1. Huh I just remembered about asking for a TERA LP like a year ago and here it is.

  2. So….The wolf mount is 3 days only too? 🙁

  3. am I the onlyone how get a soa ( sword art online) feeling from this game compered to most mmo rpg

  4. You know what would be nice if TERA would work instead of staying in the launcher

  5. atomicrobin []That One Guy The Shitty Profile[] says:

    Glam you may want to check out the MMORPG Archage,it's super fun and addictive.No need to record it this is just a suggestion .

  6. I really like the way you did your sponsored video. You give a very nice introduction of your sponsorship and tell what the game is about, and you give us insight about the whole code thing and ACTUALLY TELL US WHAT WE GET. There are people that do what you did, but the minority is shadowed by the majority. I can't tell you the amount of times I just see a lazy sponsored video of a game and they just tell you "Hey, this is a sponsored video by such and such. Just saying. Go to their site!" I just makes me facepalm sometimes.

  7. Damn I really want to play tera again now with all these sponsors going up. Too bad my comp is too shitty to run it >.<

  8. Watching this while I play guild wars 2 lol

  9. Hey Galm,
    In the description, the link to Chilled's channel leads to some random person's account. 
    Great video and hopefully the Witcher 3 starts working for you because I can't wait to see those videos!

  10. I stopped playing Tera 6 months ago because the first 20 levels were boring, this has gotten me back into it.

  11. How did you get the extra hotkeys on the right that is floating idk how to get that

  12. the healer always has the best perspective on these battles as far as filming goes

  13. Do you think he's angry because someone tried to smuggle drugs up his ass!?!
    Oh Mario Kart, you come up with the best Payday 2 DLC.

  14. Hey Galm, you might want to change the link to Chilled's channel. When you click it, it takes you to ChilleChaos' channel. (Which obviously isn't Chilled)

  15. aw i would love to see you play a solo slayer 🙁

  16. I started playing TERA the day before yesterday or it was the day before that. ( sorry for my enghlish it's not that good)

  17. GaLm's smile when Chilled started talking about potions XD

  18. the code for free stuff shuld have been glam not galm

  19. galm plz play aion 
    aion is the brather of tera

  20. This had me in stitches, Galm. Between Ze and his "Weasel Warrior" stuff, Chilled's deadpan "Get out of the rock" when the…gorilla thing glitched out, and the shit that happened around 28:30 with the chain attack, I couldn't stop laughing. Looking forward to more.

  21. The only thing stopping me from playing this, is a 36GB download on my 2mb/s connection

  22. Are all those symbols on the bottom abilities???

  23. Wow Galm. Your new computer room setting is so bright compared to the old one that it was almost.. eye blinding at first; O_o

    Very professional introduction by the way!

  24. Out of all of the 3 of your perspectives in this, I like yours the best. It gives the best info on how the game is. I am going to actually try it now.

  25. Sooooo…You were paid to play a free to play game; I feel like someone is on the wrong side of right here, but I just don't know who.

  26. When Galm was explaining everything did anyone else go like "like SAO" " sort of SAO" "that's pretty damn close to what they did in SAO." Anyone? I can't be the only who thought of SAO when he was talking about the dungeon and bosses. Anyone? Come on you know you did, don't lie.

  27. A really well done sponsor video Galm. Makes me want to check out this game.

  28. Alright Clyde, hit him with your crossbow!  .. .Hit him now Clyde! . . .Clyde?! . . .Clyde!!

  29. Ive never understood how people utilize ALL those skills just with hotkeys. Generally, my ass just uses numbers 1-9 and mouse click all the rest lol. I understand people set macros but eeeehhh that seems too intimate for one game.

  30. after watching this video all i have to say it's little wonder why there's only one weasel warrior left lol but the asexual bit was funny

  31. That moment when you realize that these guys don't know what Warrior's Edge and other mechanics are not because they're bad, but because they got boosted to 65 as part of this sponsored deal EME/Bluehole gave them to promote the game. It's not their fault, no one can be expected to know mechanics instantly that are normally introduced gradually over the leveling process.

  32. Why does his butt have glowing stretch marks?

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