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✿ TERA Online – Character Creation – Sexy Female Castanic

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You have NO idea how many takes this took me to record o_o.

Question: Take a guess of where my co-commentator is from. I will not be listing his youtube channel, because that would make it too easy.

This is just two gamers having fun with the character creation on an upcoming MMO Tera Online, which is already released in Korea. I am playing the Korea version.

Let me know what you think about her sexiness.

There are a LOT of laughs going on in this video.


  1. omg this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funnaey

  2. @iTubbsy lol why are you awake at 6am? XD

  3. @iTubbsy He isn't Romanian. This was recorded a few weeks ago :O
    I am usually always up at this time, too. Cool Okies don't sleep >_>

  4. @iTubbsy I agree with the aforementioned statement. ._.

  5. @ShePlaysIt How dare you insult my sexy creation!!!!!!

  6. @ShePlaysIt I had to remove your other comment (hope you don't mind) XD Because he didn't want his name anywhere on this video. I am having people guess his nationality, though 😛 Not his name XD

  7. OMG! hahaha! she's a carrot!! XDD And I know who he is…I removed my comment with the answer =P

  8. @cuddleofdeath lol I thought I removed it XD As soon as I reached the part where he said "No thanks" I was like "Oh sheet!" but yeah! I have no problem that you made it to the delete button before me XD

  9. @cuddleofdeath lol She's a sexy sexy carrot woman….

  10. @ShePlaysIt I think I've seen a lot of those throughout my life :O

  11. @ShePlaysIt I would totally take a bite out of that carrot. Got an old F.E.A.R clip uploading right now as well 😀

  12. Is he German?
    If Tera ever does come out in the UK (it seems like it'll take forever at this rate) I shall be making the most fugly Elin I physically can. XD I bet you would have a field day on Aion's character customization. :3

  13. @Holyfiremolotov it's coming to europe in spring 2012 so kinda close!

  14. @RebelianAngie Ah yes! That is a good point! I hope they stick with this release time. 🙂

  15. @Holyfiremolotov there are some hints that release date will be around 30.04.2012(amazon) but there is still lack of news about cbt/obt that was supposed to be held on the beginning of 2012 (just throwing some news in case you're curious)xoxo

  16. i got an email to subscribe for a beta key.If this game is pay to play i wont join.And if will be pay to play then the game is doomed to banckrupcy after a while .The future is of free to play games with cash shop.Star trek Online has been saved and made free to play by PWI.Same for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons which will be launched close to winter.Already PWI has cool free online games with sexy characters which u can fap for free if u like 🙂 or play or both 🙂

  17. He sounds insanely like a danish dude! 😛

  18. Girl gamer…..i thing you are an ugly girl

  19. Bitch got his with an ugly stick….several times.

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