★ Tera Online is Beautiful - Zone Exploration - Max Settings - HD - teraonline.be

★ Tera Online is Beautiful – Zone Exploration – Max Settings – HD

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Tera Online Beautiful Zones Showcase, Bad ass Looking Graphics in Max Settings, should watch in Fullscreen 720p ! Do you Like the Music our friend made !? Tell us ! 🙂

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Shiki’s new Song check it out guys !

( First Song )
( Second Song )
( Third Song )

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  1. do you still play swtor? and is this game funner then swtor?

  2. @gwasDpk I dont play SWTOR anymore, and this game has a much different feel then SWTOR, still early to judge it though.

  3. @NotCasuals yea i know what you meen, swtor got boring fast.. and it felt like they didn't care about there pvp.. they even stated it was mainly a story game…

  4. @gwasDpk Hopefully Tera will be good, if not GW2 shortly after.

  5. @NotCasuals i like that the game is a aimed mmo so its gunna take much more skill, so it deffs will be fun<3

  6. @indream88 tera is a pvp game aswell as pve, pvp will take much more skill then auto-lock games where you click a target and press your spell keys.. this you have to aim it will be great;]

  7. @NotCasuals Hey I am installing the Beta hope to play with you next Beta 😀

  8. Water needs to be a bit mugger in my opinon

  9. Alex I added you on Tera I am too a Berserker But I am level 21 :<

  10. @ImSn0wy Cool 🙂
    Didnt play this week end was pretty busy. Will play next beta probably.

  11. @NMFrame It took me like almost a whole day because I no life it that day.

  12. i dont like the music – but im not gona thumbs you down for that <,< like some would lol

  13. @epicwarding heh, thanks mate, its hard to find music everyone would like with permission to use it sometimes ^^

  14. It's funny how people seem to be focusing more on the negative parts than the good ones. 😛

  15. It's gonna be hard to choose between Tera and GW2. :_:

  16. My character has feet? I've only ever noticed her ass.

  17. I could bet all my money that some auto-lock MMOs have a much, much steeper skill requirement than TERA. (hint: Guild Wars 1)

  18. This looks fantastic. I'd much rather bump into an invisible wall now and then than run around in an ugly box of badly formed Mario mountains or freakishly smooth tall hills. *Sigh* I play WoW, but eventually I'm going to have to go on strike until they wake up and upgrade at least a little.

  19. Love that graphics! Which graphic card do u have ? Nice vid 🙂

  20. Honestly, no game is complete without mounts. It's a shame ArenaNet won't be implementing mounts in Guild Wars 2 because the land is so vast and beautiful; perfect for mount riding.

  21. so is this xenomorph from rift and warhammer online? if so PM me!

  22. I'm really loving the music. i've watched it a few times just for it.

  23. Nice video!

    Although next time you could Ctrl+Z to hide your UI, that would make it even better!

  24. why the fuck do ppl say that gw2 has better graphics? i mean, r u blind? gw2's graphics aren't bad. but they are NOTHING compared to tera.

  25. lol do you expect single player graphics in a mmorpg? please. lol

  26. Well, The Witchers 2 is for you my friend. The only MMORPG with a seriously good graphics.

    I seriously want The Witcher 3 when it comes out. LONG-LIVE PC GAMERS.

  27. What are you talking about? The witcher 2 isn't a mmorpg…

  28. looks like world of warcraft just with epic graphic 😀

  29. AnimexMetalxTrance xGamesxPianoxGuitar says:

    Same here, your statement itself can actually be a review. games fantastic, dont wanna monthly, guild wars 2 you dont have to pay monthly,

  30. Watching this video reminded me of all the shit that I went through to get to level 60. So epic…. Can't wait to play Tera on my new rig soon!

  31. Beautifull game but holy shit the shadow graphic in this game suck seriously look at it xD even wow got more and better shadowsO_o i guess thats why everyone can max Tera kinda xD and ofc the engine they ahve got no AA so that helps too.

  32. Tera looks like forsaken world… What a ripoff LOL

  33. gw2 has better graphics than tera? don't even try to give me that bullshit. i've played gw2. i have the game. yeah, the graphics are better than most mmo's, but not even close to tera.

  34. Do you even know what you are talking about? TERA uses Unreal Engine 3.

  35. So if u have not notice the lack of good shadows in the game you dont know anything about Graphics. then you could just play Metro last light with no shadows, physics, SSAO no dynamic Lightning. you only need to have maxed out the texture and dx11 tessalation and you Think the game look best of all games xD. if that is what you saying i pity you alot xD

  36. can someone tell me why I cant play it on high detail ;_; I just got a bran new computer with latest stuff ;-;-;;;-;-;

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