★ Tera Online - How to dye your items! - by JP - teraonline.be

★ Tera Online – How to dye your items! – by JP

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  1. what are spectral dyes? 😀 glowing dye would be awesome :DD

  2. You think Tera's graphics are bad? I mean yeah Guild Wars 2 graphics are better, but that's one of it's selling points, how good looking it is, but Tera has good graphics, and Skyrims graphics are good to. Bland textures at times, and stiff character models, but good graphics. But for an MMO, Tera is very pretty.

  3. Please do a guide with armor that has Enigmas on them. I have an item and bought a scroll but it says nothing is happening. They are both low level items so Idk if I need to buy the 5g version of the scroll or not. Too poor at the moment to test it out

  4. Dye system on GW2 is on the spot and free. unless you want more colors.

  5. only 7 days…. mehn that sucks (V_V)…nice vid though…keep it up (y)

  6. Fighting OCD attack…losing battle….ITS VE-LI-KA not Velkia. Ok I can move on with my life now, good day.

  7. How to make a 2 minute video 5 minutes, by this guy

  8. FFS. 7 days? what a dumb idea. <.< I was excited bout dyign my clothes..not so much anymore. We'll see how it works out. maybe they've changed it since this video, considering it's f2p now. Seems as though Rift set some standards. 😀

  9. Ey dude i just want to know if the Bound Items can Disbound?

  10. Rift? Try EverQuest my friend, you could dye armors in EQ back in 1999 iirc, an in like..2001 they added Alchemist based Prismatic Dyes which let the player use an RGB scale to determine what color they got. You'd be surprised to know how much modern stuff started in EQ and ended up in newer games including but not limited to an LFG system, Armor Dyes and "gem slots" Not sure about the gem slots being the FIRST place they appeared, but I know I think it was the first mmo appearance.

  11. And a video how to get better armor and keep the armor on even if you got new armor

  12. I wish they would change the dye system.Give us more and make them permanent.

  13. hey man, why there's only Empty botto in the page u got the Dont-need-to make colour

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