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★ First Look – Tera Online Gameplay

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Tera Online Gameplay – First Look HD by LokiFM.
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Audio is acting strange…


  1. This game is a big Scam… i bought yesterday the Premium Membership and after that day , i tried to login but my account was blocked! Today i created a new one and they blocked it too… SO stay safe everyone, and think about the "Tera Club" membership very carefully. Have nice day!

  2. I think there may have been a issue with your connection perhaps? or other unknown reasons as myself and other friends don't have a issue playing the game and they have the elite membership. Try getting a friend to download it that lives near you and see if they have the same issue?

  3. It was my very first live-commentary, my newer videos are A LOT better. I'm ashamed if I watch this video back, and am even more amazed by the amount of views it got.

  4. comon man your vid aint that bad maby for FINE TASTERS but not for normal players like me . there are always gonna be people that aint satisfied in some way , just to accept that , and i dont think your voice sounds unintersting , your just showing others whats it like to play this game , your not ganna play it for them right . aboute the lazy part , i really dont know but i focus on what your sayn aboute the game , so you just keep up the good work with your vids .

  5. how much disk space does this game require?

  6. i wanna ask a question since i ve never play this game before so what do you suggest NEVERWINTER or TERA??

  7. lol fair enough sound quality was like Steven hawking

  8. Haha lol! Well I love Stephen Hawking, so that would be no problem to listen to (for me). xD

  9. anyone else notice that Tera online and Raiderz online that if you put them together Makes Sword Art Online. ?

  10. Is it safe to download it on a portable computer?

  11. I expected a 'here take this; it's dangerous to go alone' meme here 😉

  12. Wow I just found out because of you that the sound is totally screwed… what the hell YouTube… On my mobile the sound is fine, but on desktop it sucks…

    Forcing them to reprocess the video.. this is depressing on my most viewed video… which was shitty but became even more shitty because of that.

  13. is that some kind of a shitty version of WoW xD
    lol go play vanilla and come back son

  14. It is the template most MMORPG's use,
    Even Square-Enix's Realm Reborn jumps on that vagon. <.<
    Does it well though, just a shame it's P2P not B2P

  15. The audio was really annoying no offense I don't want that happening again seriously..

  16. Youtube screwed over the sound when it hit 600.000 views… I'm sad about it myself :/ – It's really disappointing to see one of my old videos screwed up.

    Check out my new videos though I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
    Once again I'm sorry.

  17. no offense man but you sound eating your words. probably you live in europe or somewhere there? anyway, nice vid!!

  18. i'm  sure all of the dislikes are because of the sound.. youtube has trolled you good, man.

  19. Is this game pay to win? id maybe start to play on EU srv

  20. This guy needs to stop eating before Making Videos.lol

  21. cabal 2 have better graphics and and less  requirements 

  22. Yeah, uhhh…..what's up with the constant weird sound cut-offs?

  23. Fix the sound. I'm interested but very annoyed. Don't care who is to blame… But the sound needs to be fixed.

  24. You have some dubstep effects on your sound lol

  25. Shame for GameForge. that gameforge really suck in administrate all game they are sh1t…. Lol i tryed to download tera and quest what i have an good provider connection at internet ..fiberlink 500mb/s real. and i download this stupid game from GAMEFORGE with 10mb/s lol they SUCK REAL SUCK they dont care ..also i hear many ppl that get banned from games administrated by GAMEFORGE OF MY dick …without any reason …sory for bad english is not my matern lang so i dont care

  26. damn youtube :< i cant understand what hes saying .. :<

  27. this looks like another bad wow clone to me… from this video it looks just like a warrior in wow …. if you wana try a game with good graphics an real skill based game play look up wild star!!!!

  28. is it just me or was there a moment of blackness

  29. I'm interested in trying the game as a friend of mine plays it, he explained how it worked and showed me the creation stuff. And since wow is really boring to me now..

    but I don't which class I want to play, In any mmo my ideal choice would be a dual-wielding gun class (obviously not an option) a kicking/punching class, which doesn't exist either, so that only leaves a melee sword class. I want to be fast and acrobatic using stylish sword slashes and yet defensive with the blade at the same time, a sort of balanced between offense and defensive.. like raiden and/or dante when they wield a sword. or a jedi maybe.

    So with that in mind I'm torn between a warrior or a slayer. a berserker is out because gigantic hammer/sword that just gets thrown down and sweeps like 10 enemies isn't my thing, they use more of a two-handed over-head heavy offensive style.
    I'd try them both but I'm really against having more than one character to play as I'm leveling 3 toons in another mmo and I never play to play more than one at a time ever again, (I'm a 'completeionist to the best of my ability' when it comes to games)
    Could anyone lend a hand on the dilemma?

  30. bro, youtube made u sound like steven hawkins 🙁 but, good video though

  31. my sound and video didnt match up is that just me?

  32. This game reminds me of Kingdom of Amalur: The Reckoning the way it looks like I haven't played it which character is the best on it?

  33. oh my god how annoying your sound is, your voice is lagging

  34. TERA VS TERA RISING ??? What is the difference ? Why Tera used to cost 19.99 ??? Tera rising same as tera ???  

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